October 15, 2018

Learning On The Go With LeapFrog Academy!

This blog post is sponsored by LeapFrog Academy, however all opinions are my own.

Harper is four, and she’s in that phase where she wants to do everything herself! She doesn’t want any help, and gets frustrated when you try to offer her assistance.

I love seeing her try to figure things out on her own! Sometimes she does let me help a little bit, but only after trying her absolute best. Her sense of independence makes me so proud.

Working from home makes it difficult to separate work from play. Unfortunately, some days I’m so busy that the iPad has to babysit for a few moments, so I can have a moment to breathe.

School is just starting and both Harper and Grayson are insanely excited to get back into the swing of things. Harper met all her new classmates the other day and she’s already made some new friends. The school year gives me way more time at home to get work done in between drop off and pick up.

Teaching young distracted children is challenging, and it requires lots of love and patience. After school, they have their snacks and play but I’ve been trying to limit their time on YouTube and playing video games.

LeapFrog Academy has come to my rescue many times!! LeapFrog Academy is an interactive learning program for kids aged 3-6. It includes more than 1,500 eBooks, games, puzzles, videos, music, and art across a variety of Learning Adventures that make it fun to learn.

The Learning Adventures cover curriculum for preschool through first grade and include activities such as math, reading and science along with problem solving, creativity and social-emotional skills.

Best of all? It’s compatible with iOS and android devices, so they can play on the iPad like they normally do. And that means they can play ANYWHERE so it’s perfect for idle time or car rides! Don’t worry, you don’t need WiFi all the time to play. You can add up to 24 of your preferred activities to Favorites, then continue to play without an internet connection.

Harper loves LeapFrog Academy because once you create your account, you can customize your own avatar and earn rewards after each activity to track your progress. She’s able to visibly see how hard work pays off, and it gives her a great boost of self esteem and confidence. Everything is in line with what she’s learning in preschool, so I feel good about it too.

She thinks it’s just a video game, but she’s learning so many new things! I’m able to slip away and make dinner with the confidence that she’s being educated even though she’s home from school. The best is when she asks me follow-up questions and we have the chance to bond over a new interest of hers.

Right now you can get LeapFrog Academy with a one month FREE trial! You can try it risk-free for one month here.

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