February 7, 2020

Valentine’s Day Decor & Photoshoot Ideas + Shopping List!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays ever!! I always have a million ideas swirling in my head of how I can decorate my home for V-Day. I get a lot of inspiration from other fabulous women on the internet too. 

I’m going to share with you where to get some of my all-time favorite props and decorations for you to decorate your home, or a festive photoshoot. The two things go hand in hand because all you need is a pretty environment! 


First thing’s first, backdrops. The backdrop is crucial for all of my photoshoots. I either hang a special backdrop that I bought, or create my own using different props. It’s a lot easier than it sounds!

Sometimes I actually just tape decorative paper plates or non-helium balloons to the wall and it looks AMAZING! Sometimes the balloons can fall, so we just shoot extra fast or use extra tape. Either works!

I also love these iridescent fringe backdrops from Amazon. They’re really affordable and easy to use to instantly transform a space. We buy these a lot!

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Julianna Claire used some cute hanging red hearts to decorate her wall, and I love how it looks! Totally brightens up her living room.


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So, who doesn’t love balloons? Typically when I have ideas for a shoot, balloons are involved. They work for every single holiday and always look great. I either fill balloons with helium, or just blow them up with air and tape them to the wall.

Kristina from Easy Like Sunday Morning filled the bottom of her bar cart with mini heart balloons for Valentine’s Day, and I think it looks adorable! Having varying sizes and colors always adds great dimension to a photo.

But it also really can be as simple as just holding a balloon…

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I use garland ALL the time. Whether I leave them draped on a mantle/tabletop, wrapped around a bannister, or hung from the ceiling- it always look super cute. 

I love Aurelie Erikson’s use of doubling up garlands along her fireplace, something I do often! Sometimes you can’t pick just one garland, and I say you can never be too extra!

The extra one on the basket was a nice touch.

Edible Decor

We can’t forget edible treats. Candy, cake, and sweets are sometimes the best decorations of all! I love filling up jars, bowls, and even champagne flutes with colorful candy and using that as a decoration. 

Jennifer from TurtleCreekLane is the QUEEN of decorating! She had a super cute idea this Valentine’s day for conversation hearts. I love filling vases and jars with filler, but she took it a step further and also put children’s Valentine’s Day cards against the glass. Love it!

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Guys, Julie from PositivelyPearson made these heart shaped fruit skewers! I’m obsessed. Need to try it this year!!

I also love this yummy trail mix from Deb from MyThreeWonders. It would look super festive poured into a heart shaped bowl or in treat bags for the kids. 


In general, kitchen decor is always a fun way to decorate for the holidays. I love using cake stands, fun straws, and patterned dishware. Changing up tablecloths, napkins, or using a table runner is a great way to add some holiday pizazz in the kitchen.

Julie (who made the fruit skewers) decorated her shelves for Valentine’s Day with a bunch of super cute kitchen decor. I love the pink rolling pin and heart shaped straws!! 

Other Ideas

We covered all the basics, but the possibilities are endless!

Doing simple things like switching out your decorative pillows and throws can make a huge difference. I change the pillows on my couch pretty much every holiday, it adds so much cheer! 

I love this set up from My Mind’s Eye! It combines a bunch of different things I mentioned above.

Jen Weatherall decorated a bar cart using a ton of my favorite techniques! How cute is that?

Here are some more adorable decorations…

I am totally in love with the fashion styling part of my photoshoots. When the kids go to bed, I end up browsing online for hours finding fun outfits to wear in a shoot. There are so many great options for Valentine’s Day. 

Overall, it’s pretty easy to decorate once you get inspired. Instagram is a great way to get ideas, and a lot of them are surprisingly easy to execute! I hope this helped you come up with some amazing ideas for your own home or photoshoot. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Be sure to check out my 55 Valentine’s Day Captions for Instagram!

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