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Meet Rachel Pitzel!

Hi there, my name is Rachel Pitzel.
I'm basically a big 80's kid who loves color & fun! I strive to create content that puts a smile on your face and inspires you to add color to your day. I love being a mom, traveling, fashion, beauty, wellness and cooking gluten & dairy free food.
I live in Los Angeles with my two kids, Grayson & Harper, and husband Nathan.
I'm a reformed attorney and entrepreneur who sold my first company Club MomMe. I started Club MomMe to fill a need in the mom and family space for community and events. I worked with over 500 brands in 5 years and hosted over 400 events in 5 cities for moms, moms-to-be and families. I sold my company in 2015 to Mom.Me.
Please contact me with any questions!

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Kid's Fashion

QUESTION FOR YOU: when was the last time you followed a dream? .Pause, take a moment & REALLY think about it. Are you pursing YOUR DREAMS? Or what someone else wants you to do? Are you living for yourself or the person someone else wants you to be?.I want to tell you a story. I went to law school. I never even really thought about whether I WANTED to be an attorney, everyone just always told me I would be a good lawyer. And I WAS good at it.But I didn’t like practicing law at all. I mean can you see me, strolling into court in a pink suit? Legally blonde much?! .My mom REALLY wanted me to practice law for a bit. She felt like I worked so hard at it, I should try it (even though I tried every appreciable opportunity I got while in school & knew in my heart it wasn’t for me).I already had a non-law job after I graduated, and yet I still took a job as an associate attorney because I knew that would make my mom happy.Thankfully, my mom has always supported me, even when she had no idea what I actually did (entrepreneur? Sold a start up? Then content creator?).I’m lucky that I have someone like my mom & my husband to support me in pursuing my wildest dreams, just like Walt Disney.And can you imagine, a world without him?! We would have no Disneyland or @waltdisneyworld! All because someone took a RISK and followed their DREAMS!.Today I heard @tamronhall speak & I was so moved, I had to share this. I used to share a ton of inspirational content & I need to get back to it because I truly want you, yes YOU, to also follow your dreams.Don’t let fear of failure prevent you from doing & being who you are meant to be! .Can YOU take the chance and bet on yourself? Whats the worst thing that could happen?!.And better yet, what’s the BEST thing that could happen? I could not be sitting here in this incredible Skyliner today if I didn’t take a risk.And tomorrow, this could be you. I believe in you. Do you?!.#disneycreators #disneyparks #tamronhall

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