June 29, 2018

Preventing Bugs At Your Parties With Zevo!

You guys know I LOVE throwing parties and entertaining guests. The decorations, music, and food… it’s the best part of summertime!

Unfortunately, food can also attract bugs. At parties, bugs totally kill the mood.

During the summertime, we get an insane amount of fruit flies. You have no idea how bad they are! They drive me absolutely crazy.

I hosted an amazing jungle themed party for Grayson’s birthday, and bugs were NOT invited!

With the help of Zevo, a non-toxic insect protection home system, our party was a huge success!

Zevo helps you focus on the things you love and eliminate worry about the things you don’t, like bugs – yuck!

Typically, bug sprays make me a little nervous around kids. Most options for insect protection are filled with harmful chemical insecticides.

Zevo is made with familiar ingredients you can trust around your loved ones. And guess what, it doesn’t have that strong bug spray smell!! No need to worry about your party having that headache-causing odor.

Zevo’s Instant Action Sprays are made with common essential oils like cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, and geraniol.

The sprays eliminate insects on contact, and can even be used preventatively on hard surfaces like wood floors.  I sprayed them all around the door frames and window sills to make sure no new bugs came inside!

Their sprays come in three formulas, crawling, flying, and stinging insects. It’s the easiest way to kill flies, roaches, wasps, spiders, and more as soon as you see them.

None of these products are meant to be sprayed on people or skin, just inside your home.

The Zevo Flying Insect Trap is super easy and convenient. It’s for the bugs you don’t see.

You just plug the trap into any wall outlet. The dual light and heat attracts flying insects while the super sticky adhesive traps them. When the trap is full, just toss it into the recycling bin and replace it with a new one! It’s perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

The traps work alongside the sprays for full home protection, so you never have to worry.

I am so happy to have found insect protection that can be used around people and pets without harmful chemicals.

When hosting guests, we want to be confident that our home will be clean and bug-free. Now with Zevo, I’ll never worry about fruit flies invading my party again!

Check out my video to see how I used Zevo to eliminate bugs at Grayson’s party!

Head to Zevo’s website to purchase the products. Use XORACHEL20 to receive 20 percent off!

This content is sponsored by Zevo. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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