June 14, 2016

A Very Super Saturday

Photo Jun 12, 11 38 20 PMA rainy day couldn’t keep the fab crowd away for the 3rd Annual Super Saturday by Ovarian Cancer Research Fund at the scenic Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Airport.

Think shopping for a cause mixed in with beautiful people pampered with handmade flower crowns by B Floral, food from Pink’s Hotdogs, Fresh Brothers and Sprinkles, drinks by Suja and La Croix, and vendors ranging from beauty and swimwear to kid’s clothing and shoes.

Super Saturday is a benefit not to be missed.  Parking was easy, food was ample (I mostly hung out in the general food area because it was next to the children’s activities like The Beat Buds, basketball, a mini-golf course, and outdoor arcade.  Yes, there was actually an arcade!

My husband, who drove over after our 2-year old decided she could only sit through 15 minutes of Finding Dory (if you have ever had to leave a movie without seeing the ending, you know the frustration!) was even impressed, eyes growing excited as he spied good eats, good games, and lots of fun activities for him to do with the kids.

Photo Jun 11, 8 03 04 PMAt one point, he turned to my mom and said, Harper really wants to play golf right now.  Yeah daddy, we will go along with that one.

Hosting the event were the gorgeous Molly Sims and Rachel Zoe, though the woman who stole my heart was Vanessa Lachey.  She walked over to my littles, mid-photo shoot, just to say hello.  She then told me my son looked like the child she thought she would have (this was before my blonde Harper arrived).

She was so earnest and sweet, and yet stunning, I may be her new biggest fan!

The day benefits Ovarian Cancer Research, a cause close to my heart because my grandma-in-law battled this disease for over 10 years.  Grams was basically my husband’s mom, and she passed 20 days before Harper was born.  Harper was the first female Pitzel in our family in 3 generations, and Grams would have instantly been smitten.

Cancer is a cruel enemy, and hopefully can one day be cured or even eradicated through research.  There’s no better way to raise funds in my book then to shop!  So we did.

Photo Jun 12, 10 50 31 PM

Some of my favorite finds were adorable and comfy shoes by Melissa Shoes.  I’ve heard about these shoes for ages, but Harper is just now at the age where we are veering a bit outside of our Freshly Picked / Pediped / Old Navy jellies.  She saw the mini Melissa’s and FLIPPED!  She wanted all of them.  Luckily for me, they didn’t have her size in each unique (and delicious smelling design).  So we opted for the bears (complete with a tail on the back) and a puppy.

I had to join in the fun (of course!) and I got a cute pair of black flats with a bow tie.  This purchase was partially out of necessity though.  Remember when I told you it was raining? Well silly me sees rain and instantly thinks HUNTER rain boots.  Every. Single. Time.  But I forget, I first purchased them in 2009 to get me through the cold Chicago winters (complete with the sock inserts).  In LA, they make you quite toasty.Photo Jun 12, 10 49 59 PM

My next find was Chloe Rose, a unique swimwear line started by a talented, young Angeleno who will one day be making the bathing suit you are wearing. I’ve been itching to try the high-waisted bathing suit trend (hello, mom body!) and she had two designs in that style.  I bought both.

Since there was nowhere to try on clothes, I tried them on over my romper.  True story, a friend walked by, and I know her husband (we used to work for the same company).  He told her, um, that’s your friend.  I died with laughter, but you know, for a $20 bathing suit with a Cabo trip coming up, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Next time Super Saturday rolls around, make sure you have tickets, you will have the best, most super Saturday ever!


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