July 25, 2018

A MUST SEE: Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

“Teen Titans GO! To The Movies” is the must-see on the BIG screen comedy of the summer.

Our favorite Teen Titans are finally found in their first feature film and it was sooo good! Teen Titans GO! To The Movies is hilarious and pokes fun at all the other big superhero movies. It’s ingenious, really.

We had the chance to attend the premiere which was so special for us. I love the excitement and seeing my kid’s faces light up while on the red carpet. When we got there, press was all over the place taking photos of everyone who arrived. Seeing how grand everything is makes it that much more exciting!

Harper and Grayon’s anticipation had been building all week since I told them we were going to see this movie in theaters. They love the cartoon series and could barely sit still in their seats inside the theater. As the lights went out, everyone cheered! We couldn’t wait to watch it, and it did NOT disappoint!!

There was never a dull moment in the movie, it was just one joke after another. Harper and Grayson loved it and haven’t stopped talking about it since! I’m serious though, it was actually soo funny. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, everything is silly and fun all the time- which I love.

The movie is 100% FRESH on Rotten Tomatoes and is living up to the hype. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies has had immediate praise and it’s obvious why.

There are so many super heroes on the big screen,  your entire family is going to have a blast. The wit and lighthearted vibe of Teen Titans GO! To The Movies is what makes it so enjoyable for parents too. The storyline is so clever and a lot of the jokes reference more “grown-up” things while still remaining kid-friendly! I truly had such a blast.

The movie opens THIS FRIDAY so be sure to run out to the theaters to check it out and let me know what you think!

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