August 17, 2018

The Best Way To Experience Walt Disney World & Orlando with Kids – Encore Resort Homes!

I just got back from my trip to Orlando at our favorite luxury home rental company Encore Resort. Picture your own 8-12 bedroom home just minutes from Walt Disney World. It’s AMAZING and the best way to do Disney World with kids.

The best part? All the bedrooms can fit more friends and family! I had one of the best weeks of my life with my friend Kami from @hello.drifter and her kids.

We’ve become vacay buddies since meeting a few years ago. Though our friendship is long distance, we’ve forged such a bond. With all the negativities of social media, it’s truly incredible how you can bond with people anywhere.

Thanks to Encore Resort, we will never forget our trip and parted with tears in our eyes.

With restaurants, water slides, a coffee shop, and your own pool you’ll never want to leave. Of course you will though, because Disney World is right down the street!

The Disney parking passes work all day so you can come home to Encore for a midday nap before heading back to the park see the fireworks. If you didn’t rent a car, Encore has complimentary guest transportation to Disney World.

Encore Resort even has a huge water park with slides and water fun for all ages. There are lifeguards everywhere of course, which kept us at ease and in relaxation mode.

AquaPark includes a huge drop slide, water slides, a beautiful pool, Surfin’ Safari children’s splash area, cabanas and lush tropical landscaping. The kids had so much fun spending hours on the slides and under the big tipping water bucket.

You also have access to relaxing cabanas stocked with towels and bottles of water.

The Hang Hideaway Ten is Encore’s kids play zone for when you wanna cool down. It has all the right gaming systems, a large screen TV, crafts, and a variety of super fun games to play.

Encore Club’s team plans a ton of fun activities such as video game nights, water balloon toss, scavenger hunts, giant Jenga, ping pong tournaments, pool parties, wine tastings, and much more.

There are always so many amazing things going on at Encore Resort, you won’t hear anybody complaining about being bored! The fun never stops.

Much to Grayson’s excitement, Encore also features fabulous outdoor facilities including soccer fields, tennis, basketball and sand volleyball courts. He loves soccer and plays it all the time at our real home.

He was originally a little sad that daddy couldn’t take off work for this trip, but he got to kick the ball around with Kami’s two sons and get in his guy time.

Encore’s grounds are elegantly landscaped to perfection, everything is picturesque and beautiful. It feels like you’re at a country club but way better, and way more fun.

Encore Resort homes are a unique take on the classic vacation experience. Having a private pool and hot tub right in the backyard was to die for, and it kept the kids busy while I was able to get some work done. We were able to actually relax and have downtime instead of being cooped up inside a hotel room!

Our home away from home was huge, gorgeous, and luxurious. Staying in a real house makes the experience feel so much more relaxing. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, and makes it way easier when traveling with kids. All the stress of hotels melt away when you realize you’re in your own private space to enjoy.

If you’re heading to Orlando for any reason at all, you absolutely have to stay at Encore Resort. It elevates the entire vacation to a new level, and it’s perfect for any family, big or small.

I can’t wait to go back and visit again soon! I’m considering organizing a little bit of a family reunion and bringing everyone to enjoy the amenities that Encore Resort has to offer.

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