October 31, 2018

How To Look Insta-Ready With Peyton & Parker, A New Collection From JCPenney

This blog is sponsored by JCPenney, however all opinions are my own.

Oh my gosh guys, I just got the CUTEST holiday stuff from JCPenney! Their new collection Peyton & Parker is to die for. It features cozy plaids, glitter, sequins, denim, and MATCHING outfits- my favorite thing just about ever!! Peyton & Parker is all about the importance of family, and making them look their best.

Of course you guys know I love JCPenney, that’s never been a secret. They offer great styles at a great value, who doesn’t want to save money? JCPenney has a huge range of fashion, home, and beauty products that are always on-trend at budget-friendly price points. The stylish and affordable fashion makes it one of my favorite places to shop, and the adorable home decor never disappoints!

This time of year, I take a lot of photos with my family. I think we all do. Capturing special moments in our lives as a marker for our memories is really important to me as a busy mom. I don’t want to forget a single moment. We love getting matching outfits to make our photoshoots more memorable. Capturing the holiday spirit in the photo is really important to us, and that’s where Peyton & Parker comes in.

I’m going to share with you some tips on how I capture Insta-worthy moments with my family. First up is coordinated outfits.

What you’re wearing makes up a HUGE part of how the photo will look. Everyone wearing complementary colors and similar styles goes a long way in making your photo look put together and professional. Peyton & Parker has a ton of matching outfits for the whole family- so that means mom, dad, and the kids. I bought really pretty matching plaid pieces for my family, and I absolutely love how it turned out. My son Grayson was wearing a sweater of a different color, and I think it really helped to break up the photo and add some dimension. I would definitely recommend to play around with your outfits and plan them in advance to make sure you achieve the perfect look when it’s time to take your photos.

Next up is home staging, and this is so important yet often overlooked. The backdrop and composition of your photos shouldn’t be an afterthought, ever! In our holiday photos this year we made sure to place festive Peyton & Parker pillows on our normally plain gray couch. The plaid pillows tied in with our outfits, and brought everything together. We also dressed our coffee table in a plaid runner with decorative plates from Peyton & Parker P&P, so the space in front of us looked fun and on-theme, but still natural. When your outfits are on point, you need to make sure your environment is too. Everything ties together in taking amazing photos. I always take some test shots and even consider my family’s heights. Harper is little so sometimes we need a little something extra to frame the empty space around her. Paying attention to the details goes a long way.

Last of all, just have fun with it. We talked about our ideas for the photo and how we wanted it to look. Making sure everyone is happy, excited, and on the same page is crucial. We don’t want grumpy models at our photoshoot. A family trip to JCPenney was obviously in order, which is fine by me! We made it a fun day and got the kids involved so they felt like this photo was theirs too. Harper picked out her dress, which she was very excited about. I grabbed a matching top, because Harper is my mini me! Nathan, my husband, signed off on his comfy flannel- he was into the lumberjack vibes. Grayson as usual went in a completely different direction, he has such a big personality- but it totally worked for our photos. Doing this all as a family will make the actual photoshoot itself so painless, because everyone has already hyped up the big day!

Peyton & Parker made it so insanely easy to pick beautiful components that made our photos pop. The collection helped me tell a story of my family and our love for this time of year! We’ll look back on these photos for years to come and always remember how stylish we looked, and how much fun we were having.

JCPenney is your one-stop destination for all your holiday needs. Looking Instagram ready has never been so easy with the new Peyton & Parker collection. I’m so excited to hear your favorite picks and see how incredible your family photos turn out.

Be sure to check out the Peyton & Parker collection at JCPenney, you need it in your home this holiday season!! #AllAtJCP

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