April 4, 2019

Our Unforgettable & Magical Experience At Walt Disney World For Spring Break!

There’s nothing more magical than a trip to Walt Disney World! My kids and I are always talking about when our next trip will be. Luckily, we live about an hour from Disneyland to hold us over… but every once in a while we head to Orlando to experience all the magic of Disney World too.

And guess what guys? We got treated like true royalty by taking a VIP tour. We got to walk right onto rides that usually have the longest lines! Like Peter Pan’s Flight & Pirates of the Caribbean. We felt so special walking around the park being treated like princesses. It’s definitely something I recommend everyone try at least once! You get your very own cast member to guide you on an adventure through the parks. We only did Magic Kingdom, but you can do multi-park too. The tour guide knew literally everything about Disney World and gave us an unforgettable experience! It was the coolest thing ever. One of our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom is Dumbo the Flying Elephant, which we ALWAYS make sure to go on when visiting Disney! I always get great photos while soaring up in the air. But my all time favorite ride as a kid, and still now, is It’s A Small World. It also happens to be Harper’s favorite ride. We love seeing the children from all around the world dressed in different outfits, and the song is always stuck in our heads when we’re at home. It’s an absolute must for us on every trip to Disney, we could never skip it.

Also did you know there’s an entire world that glows in the dark at Animal Kingdom? Disney After Hours gives you a unique 3-hour park experience with little to no wait on rides. Animal Kingdom lights up like you’ve never seen it before, and it’s so enchanting! The kids were mesmerized by all the pretty lights. Best of all, there are unlimited snacks and drinks included in the cost of admission for this event. Sign me up! We enjoyed our fair share of Mickey shaped ice cream bars and churros, of course. There’s also something very cool about being in a nearly-empty park when you’re used to seeing it insanely crowded. It almost feels surreal to look around and feel like you have the whole park to yourself, because well, you sort of do for the night!

We also LOVED Toy Story Land after dark and got to go on a newer ride over and over again. Alien Swirling Saucers is a recent addition to Disney World. It’s really similar to our classic favorite Mad Tea Party ride with the spinning teacups, except you don’t spin yourself. Instead you get jolted around by Toy Story aliens, which is so fun as we’re big Toy Story fans. Anyone else excited for the new movie?!

The biggest highlight of the trip for me as a mama was experiencing the sunrise on Main Street. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture photos in front of Cinderella’s Castle as the sun rose over a closed Magic Kingdom. I mean seriously, when can you ever get a photo in front of the castle with no strangers in the background? I even got to hold the balloons, all by myself!! If you guys love photo ops at Disney like me then you know how rare that is. Combine that with a beautiful pink and orange sky and I was in total Disney paradise. Guess it really is where dreams come true.

We did have a minor set back on our trip. During our first night Harper was having the best time of her life, dancing the night away, when suddenly she fell and got a boo-boo on her face. They called paramedics and then we went to first aid, which couldn’t have been a smoother experience. They were so good to us and even gave Harper and Gray yummy strawberry ice pops. The situation was handled flawlessly and I couldn’t be more grateful for the skilled first aid team at Disney! We never had to use Disney first aid before but I can’t say enough nice things about them now.

After our incredible trip to Walt Disney World, we were whisked away for a Disney Cruise which you can read about in my next post. Spoiler alert, it was unbelievably ahhhh-mazing!

As always, we can’t wait for our next Disney Adventure, wherever it may take us.


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