June 17, 2019

DIY Disney Tiaras: Cinderella edition!

To celebrate Cinderella on Digital & Movies Anywhere June 18 and Blu-ray June 25, Harper and I decided to have a viewing party. You know we’ll take any excuse to get dressed up in costumes and have some fun! Cinderella is inspiring, heartwarming, and magical. She was my favorite princess growing up, and I’m so happy that Harper loves her too.

Harper, of course, was Cinderella herself in a gorgeous blue gown, and I was Fairy Godmother. In order for Harper to complete her fabulous outfit, she, of course, needed a tiara… and what better way than to make them ourselves?!

We love crafting, but especially together! It’s a special activity for us to do while the boys are off doing their own thing. Mommy & Me time is something I’ve been cherishing lately since Harper is growing up so fast right before my eyes! In the fall she’ll be off to Kindergarten, ahh! Where did the time go?

Our tiaras turned out magically, and if you want to have your own Cinderella viewing party I’m going to show you how to make them! And be sure to check out Cinderella on Digital & Movies Anywhere June 18 and Blu-ray June 25!

DIY Disney Princess Crowns

What you’ll need:

Making these tiaras is SO simple! It took us less than 10 minutes for each one, and they come out looking like you spent hours on them. We got all of the supplies at our local craft store.

First, you’ll need to print out a template for a tiara, we used this gorgeous one from Jessie Daye.

Simply cut out the template so you can use it for tracing, and then place it on the back of your glitter paper. Trace around the template so you have a guide to cut out the tiara shape on your glitter paper.

Once you have the tiara cut out, just start decorating to your heart’s content!

We used two different kinds of trims, one that matched the iridescent sequins on Harper’s Cinderella dress, and a pretty lace one.

Then, we laid out iridescent gems that we found at the craft store. Once we had the design we liked, it was time to start hot-gluing everything on our tiara.

You can play around and use whatever sorts of embellishments you want! Go crazy with this part.

After the decorations were done, we flipped it over and glued one piece of ribbon to each side, this is so you can tie it around your little princess’ head.

We weren’t that specific with the measurements, we tied the ribbon into a bow around Harper’s head anyway so it looked pretty with longer pieces hanging down.

And tada! It seriously is that easy to make beautiful princess tiaras.

These are perfect for a birthday party, Halloween costume, or just for fun like us!

Harper hasn’t stopped wearing her crown since we made these and I think we’ll be making some more very soon.

Guess what?! I’m giving away 5 digital download movie codes for Cinderella on Movies Anywhere so you and your family can have a blast watching it at home too. Head to my Instagram for more information on how to win!

Don’t forget to twin with Cinderella by making your very own DIY Disney tiaras at home. Let me know how they turn out!

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