June 4, 2020

Easy Frosé (Frozen Rosé) Recipe with Whole Fruit!

Omg!! I think I just found my new favorite treat for summer. It’s super easy and will help you cool down on the hot days coming up, not to mention that this drink is DELICIOUS!!

I used Whole Fruit Organic Frozen Juice Tubes- the yummy and mess-free ice pops that my kids love!

They taste amazing and are packed with more fruit than other frozen treats! These are a zero-guilt treat you can enjoy all summer long.

They’re Organic, gluten free, dairy free and only 60 calories. WOW!

After trying these amazing frozen juice tubes, I couldn’t help but think… how would these taste blended up with Rosé?

I mentioned it to my mom and sister, and they immediately got excited. We knew we were onto something!

It’s INSANELY easy. All you need is:

You just put some Rosé in the blender with your favorite flavor of Whole Fruit Organic Frozen Juice Tubes (this would work with their Fruit Bars too!) and voilà, a delicious frozen drink to enjoy by the pool!

As an alternative, kid-friendly version, we also blended up a Whole Fruit Organic Frozen Juice Tube with some watermelon juice, Harper LOVED it!!

It’s the perfect recipe for the whole family to enjoy.

These sweet treats are a healthy choice that you can feel good about in the upcoming hot months. No genetically modified ingredients, yay!!

I can’t wait to enjoy more of these easy + delicious frozen drinks, let me know if you try them out for yourself!

You can buy Whole Fruit products at Pavillions, Von’s, Albertson’s, Walmart & more!

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