May 25, 2016

Potty Training Made Easy with Pull Ups

Photo Apr 27, 10 44 58 PMThis blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Pull-Ups® blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

Potty training.  It’s almost like a dirty word as a parent.  Don’t believe me? Just ask any parent who has potty trained their child!

I cannot tell you how many times I hear moms say things like, I’m going to potty train my son this weekend, or my son needs to be potty trained in a week.

Potty training (sadly) doesn’t work like that.  It’s not a skill you teach in a day or even three days.  It’s a process.  Over the years, I have hosted 10+ potty training workshops, but I continue to learn just as every parent does.  That’s why I love the Pull-Ups #PottyPartnership.  It makes the potty training experience fun and interactive, and it removes the pressure and anxiety that so many parents feel around potty training.

With the #PottyPartnership, you are true partners in the potty training process, and you have concrete steps to take with your child to help them become potty trained.Photo May 03, 11 12 33 AM

So How Do You Start Potty Training?

First, you have to train and educate yourself about the process.  Potty training is a child’s first major responsibility in life.  They have to understand the sensation that they need to go to the bathroom, stop what they are doing, whether they are eating, playing, dancing, coloring or running around the park, get to the bathroom, remove their clothing and then make it to the potty in time to avoid an accident.

IMG_3356That’s a complicated process for a child to master and it takes time!  You child has to be ready, and they won’t do it just because a preschool says they need to be potty trained.

You want to look for five signs of readiness for a month straight.  Not sitting on a potty once or twice, but consistent signs letting you know they are ready.

Second, children learn to potty train differently based on their personality.  Some kids simply hand you a diaper and ask for underwear, and other kids can take months (maybe years!).

Enter the #PottyPartnership

It’s fun and interactive.  To start, you need to find out what your child’s personality is on the  Answer a short quiz, and find out if your child is a puppy, bear, turtle, etc.  Are they are quick learner, or do they take time to warm up to a new activity?  Do they prefer to be clean, or do you have to chase them around when it’s time for a change?  Find out in the fun personality quiz.  My daughter Harper is a puppy.  She is an eager learner, is excited to try new things, is generally a happy kid, and wants everyone to be involved in her potty training.IMG_3359

Once you complete the survey, you will have a personalized guide to learn how to get started, when to introduce Pull-Ups® Training Pants, transitioning to big kid underwear, and even how to potty train outside of your house (what I call the real potty training challenge!).

Bye Bye Diapers

One reason so many parents are excited to potty train their child is to say goodbye to diapers.  Make it fun for your child, and say bye bye, just as you would with a bottle, pacifier or other item they have outgrown.

But potty training doesn’t happen overnight, and you will want your child to have on something to prevent accidents because there is nothing worse than a leak running down your child’s leg and into their shoes.  I can’t tell you how many times I cleaned my son’s shoes when he was potty training.  That’s when I discovered Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants at Walmart.IMG_3358

Pull-Ups Training Pants give your child a comfortable fit and improved protection, day and night.  They also give my daughter the freedom to slip them down on her own just like underwear, Pull-Ups are the perfect solution for a potty training child.
Even better, Pull-Ups just introduced three styles of Training Pants, all available at Walmart (who actually has the best selection anywhere!).  The Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® change when wet, so your child can learn when they are wet.  This is a crucial step in figuring out the sensation of needing to go to the bathroom.

My favorite are the Pull-Ups Cool & Learn Training Pants.  If I could go back in time and change one thing about my son learning to use the potty, it would be to have these training pants!  He has a very observant personality, he treads cautiously and is very busy.  He often didn’t know when he was wet, and sometimes even preferred the extra sensation.  The Pull-Ups Cool & Learn training pants would have been perfect to let him know the feeling of when he went to the bathroom, so he could make that mental connection.IMG_3705

Another great new product is the Pull-Ups® Night* Time® Training Pants.  As I mentioned earlier, potty training is a process.  Kids can be potty trained during the day, but not at night.  That can take some time.  Get these on your next trip to Walmart or better yet, order them online from their site and they will show up at your house, no trip to the store even required (though I still love shopping).

IMG_3704 (1)When I am shopping for Pull-Ups, I look for the best selection to get everything at once.  That’s why I love Walmart.  They have the largest selection of Pull-Ups in every size, so I can always find exactly what I am looking for.  As a busy mom, I want to shop for Pull-Ups once a month max, and Walmart makes that so easy!

It’s also a huge plus that they now carry organic fruits and vegetables, so I can load up on all of my home essentials in one trip!  On my last trip to Walmart, I let Harper pick out her Pull-Ups, and of course she selected the princess ones.  That’s another thing I love about Pull-Ups, they totally get what excites toddlers.  For Harper, that’s a princess, and she gets so excited about them!

So next time you are at Walmart, stock up on the new Pull-Ups and get your potty training off to a great start!
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