February 8, 2018

Activated Charcoal

I’ve been taking Activated Charcoal for about a year and it’s pretty amazing.

I posted about it back in December and so many of you asked me about it so I’m gonna share with you what it is and what I use it for.

Activated charcoal comes in pill form and is available for about $12-15 at health food stores and on Amazon.


When you take activated charcoal anything in your system will bind to it so it helps rid your body of any unwanted substances.

It becomes “activated” charcoal when high temperatures combine with a gas or activating agent to expand its surface.

The reason I carry it is because I’m very sensitive to gluten. Sometimes there’s gluten in food and it’s hard to tell, or I just don’t know and I get a feeling in my stomach after I’ve eaten. I’ll take one or two pills and it sucks up the contents of my stomach.

I was nervous about trying it the first time because I was worried that it would come out looking dark, scary, and charcoal-like but it totally doesn’t! haha

When I was in the Dominican Republic a few months ago, one of our guides accidentally had a poisonous leaf in his mouth (long story). His mouth was swelling, he was getting red, and his eyes were itchy. When I got back to the resort a few people asked me if he could try my activated charcoal- his reaction completely went away after taking it.

If you have any sort of sensitivities or allergies, it’s a great thing to try.

I’ve heard it’s good if you drink too much but I don’t really drink so I don’t know!

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