February 7, 2018

The Smart & Easy Choice for Childcare & Preschool: KinderCare Learning Centers

Got kids? Parenting can be stressful!  But there is no more stressful experience than looking for preschools for your child.  As parents, we feel like this one decision will dictate their entire future.  The weight of their future success literally rests on our shoulders (or at least it feels like it does!).

When in reality, it’s JUST preschool! Preschool is your child’s first exposure to education outside the home, and should be a fun, no-stress experience.

I remember when my son was a tiny baby having mom after mom ask me what schools my 3-month old was on the wait list at and if I preferred Reggio, Waldorf or Montessori schools.  I was still adjusting to being a mom and mastering nursing, and not getting much sleep.

Preschool was the last thing on my mind, but being in the mom world caused anxiety to creep in.  Should I be touring schools?  How do I know what kind of learning philosophy will best fit my son who spent his days sleeping, drinking from a bottle and occasionally smiling with only half of his mouth?

The pressure to rush ahead to life’s next steps can be intense and crushing as a mom, but we can’t let it cause us to stress or worry!  Every kid gets into preschool, I promise.

And that’s where KinderCare Learning Centers comes in!

Over 1,400 KinderCare Learning Centers In the Country

KinderCare Learning Centers is the top childcare and early education network in the country.  They operate 1,4000 locations across the country in 38 states, giving parents and caregivers peace of mind knowing an accredited, top-notch network of care and learning is easily accessible for hundreds of thousands of families.

Their scale is a powerful amplifier, and a name you can trust for both childcare and early education in your community.  You can easily search their site here to find the closest locations to your home or work.

I remember overhearing nervous parents discussing childcare and preschool options when both of my kids were teeny tiny babies, already worried about finding the best options for their children.  It is such a stressful experience trying to find caregivers who are loving, caring, kind and will take care of your child like they are their own.

There’s just nothing as anxiety provoking for a parent as leaving your child in the care of another person, it can be so hard to leave your child with another person!

So for me, I am comforted by knowing that KinderCare is a large and trusted network with an incredible reputation across the country.

I usually try to find childcare located in between where we live and where my husband and I live, to make drop-off and pick-ups easier and ensure that we can be involved in our kid’s school activities.

When my son started kindergarten, we switched my daughter’s preschool to be closer to his school, as two drop-offs in the morning can be tough!

Educational Philosophies

I believe that learning should be geared towards your child’s unique personality.  While YOU may be drawn to Reggio or Montessori, is that going to be the best environment for your child to learn in?

My son was a very quiet, perceptive baby, so I chose a school for him that that was calm and serene, with lots of outdoor play.  He started attending toddler classes there when he was 18 months old while I attended a parenting seminar next door once a week.  He started preschool at 3 and loved it for his first year.

And then I started noticing that he seemed to be outgrowing the school. It was a lovely, gorgeous school, but the qualities that drew me to the school were then the reasons why I felt like it wasn’t a great fit.  Over those 2.5 years, my son had grown and evolved, and he needed a new school environment.

So I toured a few new schools and made a change, and it made such a difference!  While change is hard for everyone, he thrived in his new school.  And I believe his new school set him up for success when he transitioned to kindergarten the next year!

At the end of the day, the environment of the school matters far more than the type of learning style they use.  The “feeling” that you get when you walk in the front door matters far more than how many kids a school has on their waiting list.

And the “it” school that everyone wants to attend may seem fancy and have kids dining on china (as my son’s first school did) but at the end of the day, does that matter?  Or does the comfort of your child and the ease of getting there 2x a day matter more?  I definitely lean towards the latter!

The Loving & Supportive KinderCare Environment

What sets KinderCare Education apart is the environment they create for children, for families and for employees.  KinderCare is a human-powered network that builds confidence for life in children and provides a peace of mind for hardworking families.

KinderCare believes that parents, teachers, and experts come together to create an engaged and responsive community, all working together to empower students to learn and grow.  To support each of them, KinderCare believes:

Families: An unwavering devotion to their children gives parents peace of mind to pursue their dreams and to integrate work and life.

Teachers: KinderCare believes investing in the potential of teachers, from resources to mentorship, creates confident teachers ready to take on the most important job on earth.

Employees: Our shared purpose makes every role at KinderCare more than a job …but part of a movement they can be proud of.

Local Communities: For every three families attending, KinderCare supports a family of modest means in building a confident future for their child or children.

I love supporting a company that gives back, supports its employees and helps families in need.  I also like exposing my kids to a diverse community, and appreciate that not all children come from the exact same backgrounds and families.

The KinderCare Confidence

KinderCare belives in creating confidence in children that they will carry with them throughout their lifetimes.

In 1969 the first red-roofed KinderCare opened its doors and rang its bell. The world has changed a lot in the past 50 years, and so has KinderCare.

From one red roof to over one thousand, four hundred locations, and today they are a collection of 170,000 big and little stories being written every single day.

Comprised of a community of over 28,000 passionate teachers striving to make each child’s potential shine.

A human-powered network of 1,400 centers in 38 states working individually and collectively.

And throughout it all, they truly love children and their families, it’s the main constant in that 50 years.

They are care-givers. They are educators.

They impart a lifetime love of learning. And they are so much more!

They are builders…creating confidence in children. Instilling an unshakable self-worth. Imparting a conviction that they carry with them as they take their first steps . . . and every step towards taking on the world.

They rise, so they can shine.

They are KinderCare.  An amazing place to go to learn and play, to laugh and cry, to grow and mature.

Creating confidence for life.

Explore KinderCare today and learn more about their incredible centers, and schedule time to take a tour today!

*This post is sponsored by KinderCare, however all views, opinions and photographs are my own.

4 responses to “The Smart & Easy Choice for Childcare & Preschool: KinderCare Learning Centers”

  1. Ashlee Haggerty Brayfield says:

    I’ve seen several Kindercare facilities here in Florida! Always look so nice!

  2. Amy Elizabeth Stead says:

    I completely agree, the right environment to nurture our little ones at this stage is so important. The caregivers are the most important aspect for me.

  3. It is so great when families find the right and perfect program that suits their individual children’s needs. I’m so glad you found yours! Thanks for sharing this insightful and wise information. ❤️ Evelyn

  4. Rose Mont says:

    None of my kids went to preschool. There are a lot in my area to choose from though. Your post is great for helping parents plan that first educational step.