March 13, 2018

Move Over Watermelon! Bananas & Strawberries Are In Now

First it was pineapple, then cherries, then watermelon.. but lately I’ve noticed that strawberries and bananas are the new fruit trend!

I can’t complain, I think it’s totally adorable and perfect for summer time. (Think about all the swimsuits and strawberry-shaped sunnies!)

Fruit prints are so bright and fun, you just can’t be sad while wearing a strawberry sundress.

Here are some of my favorite new strawberry and banana pieces for Harper and I, what do you guys think?


The Strawberry Toms shoes are too cute, and the banana one-piece is so precious!


Those banana running shorts look sooo comfy, and I love the backpack from Asos!


I could keep going forever, so just let me know how you guys feel about this new fruit trend. I wonder what will be next! Maybe apples, who knows.


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