May 14, 2019

Somewhere Over The Rainbow with Fashionlaine!

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in California anymore!

When my friend Lainey asked me if I wanted to do a Wizard of Oz themed photoshoot, I immediately said “YES!!”

In her #FashionlaineAndFriends series, she dreams up the craziest ideas about why life is like a fairytale. Each of her friends are envisioned as a fictional character. It’s such a fun and quirky concept, I was honored to be chosen to be GLINDA! The good witch.

Lainey and I met through Instagram where I was instantly drawn to her bright and colorful feed. I loved her spirit, and how it shown through in all her bubbly photos. I realized she lived in LA, and we instantly clicked over our love of all things fun and happy!

Of course I had to bring my little munchkin Harper along for the fun of being our cowardly lion! When I was Harper’s age, I was definitely Dorothy and Glinda for Halloween at least twice! They’re such iconic and timeless characters.

How amazing did these photos turn out? You guys know me, I’ll take any excuse I get to dress up. Ask me to to follow the yellow brick road and I will grab your hand and run straight to it!

Be sure to check out Lainey’s Instagram for more AMAZING photos that will brighten up your day!!

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