March 18, 2018

The Most AMAZING Magical Rainbow Birthday Party Ever!


You guys I’ve been dying to share this post for the past two months, and now it’s finally time! I was sworn to secrecy because Inspired By This shared our magical party, and I had to wait for them to post it first.  You can read all about it on their site.

Harper’s 4th birthday party was a magical, rainbow, unicorn-flamingo-mermaid mash-up, and we absolutely LOVED IT!  It was so swoon-worthy and magical, and put a smile on my face for days.

Why choose a theme when you can just do everything?! Sometimes, more is more.

I’m about to overload you with photos, so get ready. It was just too cute for words!  Because if you know me, you know I LOVE a good party!

There are so many amazing people who went into making this party as adorable as it was, and there’s now way I could have done it without them.

Harper had the best 4th birthday she could have asked for! She was living a dream.

I need to give a huge shoutout to But First, Party.

Royale is seriously so talented and pulled together this whole concept, she saw my vision and made it happen.

We went back and forth sharing ideas and photos, it’s awesome that she was just as excited about it as I was.

She seamlessly mixed all of Harper’s themes into this spectacular design! I can’t thank her enough. I mean, WOW!

Like guys, just look at the table arrangement! I feel like I can’t stop using the word “cute” but it’s so cute!!

The rainbow, the unicorns, the flamingos, the mermaids, the confetti… !!!

All the decor was from Bonjour Fête, which is the best party supply store ever!

Walking into their boutique you don’t even know where to look first. You end up wanting to buy everything! It’s dangerous in there.

They construct the incredible balloons with magic and fairy dust, it’s insane to watch it come together. They are skilled ladies!

We took the balloons home because we couldn’t bear to part with them, so they sat in our living room for a bit. No regrets!

These flowers by Earthbaby Flowers were so breathtaking- and smelled amazing!

They were the perfect rainbow centerpiece for Harper’s party table, without them it just wouldn’t have looked as fun and bright!

Shop my dress and a few other magical dresses here!

The veggie/fruit platter was by Sorella Collective. It was almost too perfect to eat!

They’re two sisters who make the most delectable grazing boards. The colors are my fav part.

Okay, now drum roll for the cake…

Tada! This cake was the prettiest thing ever.

Harper deserves the most extra and over-the-top cake, because she’s an over-the-top girl!

What’s funny is that the gumballs all over the cake coincidentally resembled the balloon arrangement, haha!

The cake and cupcakes were both by Sugar Crush Sweets. Scrolling her Insta makes me crave sweets and everything magical.

All the candles were from Bonjour Fête, of course.

Btw- It tasted amazing too obviously, once we got past how sad we were about destroying it!

The plates and napkins are by Daydream Society and Rachel stocks all of them in her shop.  She will help you put together napkins, plates, cups and cutlery for the most beautiful tableware you could ever imagine!

Harper’s dress is by Little Minis, dresses with a whimsical element of childhood and play, that are designed to move and twirl with your little girl.

Kelly, the founder of Little Minis, is a friend of mine, and she actually saved the day.  See, Harper’s original party dress was lost in the mail.  Two days before Harper’s party, I realized it was not going to be there on time.  So I reached out to Kelly, and she had this stunning dress from her upcoming collection (out now) at her house.

She gave us the dress, and honestly, saved the party.  Because what’s a birthday party without a birthday dress, right?

Little Minis sell out QUICKLY, as they have a very loyal following.  Her dresses are specifically designed with an old-school element to twirl and move on your little girl.  I’ve never seen dresses so beautifully crafted to look amazing on a little girl’s body 🙂

Harper and I made the most delicious magical popcorn ever. I couldn’t stop eating it before the party, it was a problem!

It’s addicting and we’re definitely going to bring you a DIY post on that soon.

It was super easy to make and looks darling in these little cups, love!

Harper’s birthday party was the most fun day ever, we had a blast!

She had all her friends there, and they danced the day away.

Everything was perfect. The decor, the food, the magical theme- we couldn’t have asked for a better party and team to help put it all together on Harper’s special day.

Oh! And I almost forgot. All the cute mini furniture was from Teak & Lace.

They specialize in children’s party rentals and handle everything. They made setting up the foundation for this stunning party a breeze.

Harper and I were so happy with how everything turned out.

Now I just need to figure out how to top it for next year!

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