September 19, 2016

Cosatto Launch Party

img_5119When brands want to launch a new product or create buzz in the influencer space, they often come to me to plan an Instagram-worthy, unique and fun party.  After five years of planning events ranging from intimate with around 20 people to events with well over 1,500 attendees, my niche is really in the influencer space.

After I sold my business, I was ready to do something else, and I found my passion in digital, social and experiencial PR.  I love representing influencers like Tammin Sursok in deals, I love brand activations like a local in-store Target party for moms and kids or a stroller launch, creating cool, unique experiences for influencers or the brand like Cosatto.

I’m ALL about collaborating, spreading the love, cultivating an amazing community, sharing and growing together.  I LOVE the influencer space because that’s what it is ALL about.


It’s so fun to come up with fun, new concepts to tie in the product and current trends while creating the best possible experience for invited guests.  Because at the end of the day, the event can be the best party ever, but if people don’t feel welcome, included, meet other people, if there is nowhere to change their child, parking is hard or terrible traffic in either direction, it really sores the experience.

Cosatto launched their 1st double stroller in the US in August 2016 called the Supa Dupa.  Their products are bright and bold, so we created a fun, color-filled theme with pineapples, flamingos and lots of greens at the picturesque Malibu Farm Cafe on the Malibu Pier.



Every good party for mom influencers must be very child-friendly, as Southern California moms always like to have their kids with them.  So I always create a cute play area, have food that can be easily grabbed and eaten on the go, and of course, coffee (or some form of caffeine!).


img_5136       img_5129    img_5199

The event was styled by Bashery & Co and photographed by Katee Grace Photography.




Guests included Beverly Mitchell, Lisa Ling and her sister Laura Ling, Ashley Wright and Amy Tan.



img_5520  img_5621 img_5837

img_5799 img_5703 img_5747

img_5688 img_5658 img_5461

img_5866 img_6032 img_5644

Check out the new Supa Dupa available directly on the Cosatto website, and join me here to check out behind the scenes for the next event I am planning soon!


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