June 25, 2018

Spritz Away Odor With Febreze!

Lately the weather has been SO HOT over here in Southern California!

Last week I did an all-day photoshoot in 90 degree weather with the sun beating down on us. I’m not going to lie to you, it was sweaty.

I usually have a small team of people with me, including my photographer and assistant. Everyone piling into a car after running around in chaotic shoot-mode can be… well, smelly.

Suddenly, my car doesn’t smell so great and needs major help.

Febreze CAR in the Meadows and Rain scent to the rescue! It removes unwanted odors and keeps my ride smelling fresh all summer.

Grayson takes weekly jiu jitsu classes and loves it. It’s a super serious martial art- but his uniform can get really stinky during these hot summer months! And Harper’s ballet slippers have seen better days…

Febreze with OdorClear™ Technology seeks out bad odors and cleans them away by deactivating and replacing them with a light, fresh scent.

But we don’t want odors following us home either. Did you know your home isn’t clean until it’s clean of odors?

I spray the uniforms and shoes so we don’t bring the stinky smells into our home!

Febreze FABRIC is perfect to also use on hard-to-wash fabrics throughout your home, like carpets, furniture, upholstery, bedding, toys, and much more.

The things you often overlook can now get a quick spritz, so you always know you’re really clean & odor free.

Be careful, the spritz can be quite addicting. You’ll end up running around trying to find new things to spray- it’s fun!

I even like spraying my husband’s gym bag and favorite baseball cap every once in a while.

During these hot summer months, humidity builds up and just makes everything musky. It’s like you can’t escape it.

Febreze takes away that worry for me! The Meadows and Rain scent is light and airy, it’s the perfect solution to summertime stink. It smells soo good!

There are endless uses for Febreze, and Febreze FABRIC and CAR are only $3-6 at the store.

With those amazing prices, we’ll never have a smelly home or car ever again!


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