September 7, 2018

20 of the Best Halloween Instagram Captions!

I love Halloween soo much. It combines two of my favorite things- playing dress up, and candy!

Not to mention the spooky decorations, scary movies nights, and fun Halloween parties.

If you’re searching for the perfect Insta caption for your Halloween posts, look no further. I’ve compiled the best of the best to make it easier for you.

  1. Hocus Pocus, I need coffee to focus.
  2. Witchful thinking
  3. Boo, Felicia!
  4. You say witch like it’s a bad thing
  5. Creepin’ it real.
  6. Demons are a ghoul’s best friend!
  7. Trick or treat yo’ self
  8. I want to be something really scary for Halloween this year so I’m dressing up as a phone battery at 2%
  9. Are you afraid of the dark?
  10. Magic is something you make
  11. Ghouls just wanna have fun!
  12. I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine
  13. The ghostess with the mostest
  14. If you’ve got it, haunt it.
  15. Bugs and hisses
  16. Where my ghouls at?
  17. Resting witch face
  18. Fangs for the memories
  19. Everything’s better with a little magic
  20. A real witch is nothing without her ghoul friends

Don’t forget to let me know which of these Howl-O-Ween puns are your favorite!

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