November 16, 2018

25 Insta Captions for When You’re Rocking Matching Xmas Pajamas

Everyone loves cozy, cuddly, fuzzy MATCHING CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS! Here are some captions to show off your holiday spirit.  If you want Christmas Instagram Captions they are here.

1. You’re the one-sie for me

2. Let’s stay home and be cozy in our jammies

3. Sorry I’m too busy, it’s pajama day

4. Pajamas are good for the soul

5. Pajamas all day

6. The snuggle is real

7. It’s called fashion, look it up

8. Everything is better in your pajamas

9. Fleece Navidad

10. Tis the season for being comfy and bright

11. It’s a messy bun and pajama pants kind of day

12. Flannel for life

13. All I want for Christmas is to be constantly in a onesie

14. Life is better in pajamas

15. Life is a party, dress like it

16. Pajamas and chill

17. Always wear cute PJs, you never know who you’ll meet in your dreams

18. Keep calm and put your jammies on

19. #PajamaParty

20. We go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows

21. Walking in a onesie wonderland

22. On Saturdays we wear pajamas

23. Hot Cocoa and fuzzy socks

24. Eat, drink, and wear stretchy pants

25. Stressed, well dressed, and Christmas obsessed



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