March 5, 2019

Safe Drinking Water In Your Home & How You Can Make A Difference

My recent trip to Kenya with LifeStraw was really eye-opening for me. I joined LifeStraw in the West Kenyan region of Kakamega to install water filters for over 150,000 school children. Kids just like yours or mine, who before we showed up didn’t have access to safe water. I instantly thought, what if this was Harper or Gray? My group traveled to three remote rural schools and met thousands of students, all so full of joy despite their circumstances.

I met them, played with them, and learned from them. They have favorite dance moves and inside jokes. They have best friends and they have parents. Spending time with them has forever changed my perspective and I’ve gained so much gratitude. We can ALL make a difference, no matter how small the gesture.

So how can you help? LifeStraw provides water for 1 school child for an entire school year for every purchase of their products. By being a customer of LifeStraw, you’re giving water to children in need. It’s that easy to get started.

And the timing couldn’t be better because LifeStraw just announced a new product– a glass water pitcher for your home. Mine just came in the mail and it’s AMAZING! Since it’s glass, the design is so sleek and modern. I love it.

The LifeStraw Home is the only filtration pitcher that protects against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, lead, mercury and chemical matter including pesticides and herbicides, while also reducing chlorine. I know right, all those things are in your unfiltered water, gross huh?

These are the same filters I was installing in Kenya but adapted for you to use at home. Whether you drink city water, spring water, or well water, the LifeStraw home ensures you have clean and safe water. I never even realized how many yucky things could be in my water until working with LifeStraw and seeing the difference filtered right in front of me. I was shocked.

LifeStraw Home provides an affordable option that solves drinking water concerns in homes, while also offering the prettiest high-end design ever! I’ve been telling all my friends about it because it’s totally changed the way we think about water in our home. Also, this is the BEST water I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. I didn’t even realize water could taste so different but seriously you need to try it for yourself to understand! I can’t go back to my old water now.

Be sure to check out LifeStraw’s Kickstarter for the new Home pitcher so you can get one too and support their cause!

You can give a child safe water to drink, wash their hands, and brush their teeth for more than a year with your purchase.

If you want to learn more about how LifeStraw makes a difference, check out their website.

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