March 7, 2019

70 Instagram Captions for your Spring Break!

You know what time of year it is… SPRING BREAK! Our Insta feeds are about to be filled with tropical beach vacations and the cutest bikinis… If you need help figuring out the perfect caption, don’t sweat it! I’m here to save you.

Here are 70 perfect Instagram captions for your spring break photos.

  1. Tropic like it’s hot!
  2. Good things come to those who swim
  3. Less Monday, more spring break, please
  4. Girls just wanna have sun
  5. Sandy toes, sunkissed nose
  6. Happy times & bright sunshine
  7. Staying cool in the pool
  8. Beach don’t kill my vibe
  9. A pineapple a day keeps the worries away
  10. I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter
  11. Swimming is my therapy
  12. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that’s basically the same thing
  13. Life is better in a bikini
  14. You’re the pina to my colada
  15. Even the sun is jealous of the way you shine
  16. Stress free zone
  17. I wasn’t made for winter
  18. Keep calm and lay in the sun
  19. Here comes the sun
  20. Just keep swimming
  21. Life is better in flip-flops
  22. A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand
  23. Good times and tan lines
  24. Baby, it’s warm outside
  25. You’re one in a melon
  26. If there’s a will, there’s a wave
  27. Aloha beaches
  28. Vacation mode on
  29. Happier than a seagull with a french fry
  30. Pool hair, don’t care
  31. Palm trees & ocean breeze
  32. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf
  33. BRB, Quitting Everything To Be A Mermaid
  34. What’s up beaches
  35. All I need is a little Vitamin Sea
  36. Namast’ay at the beach
  37. #RestingBeachFace
  38. Good times & tan lines
  39. What’s up beaches
  40. Shell yeah!
  41. Let the sea set you free
  42. Party now, adult later
  43. Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes
  44. Waves for days
  45. Tis the sea-sun
  46. Living on island time
  47. Don’t worry, beach happy
  48. Avoid pier pressure
  49. I’ve got a saltwater heart
  50. If you’re not barefoot then you’re overdressed
  51. If there’s a will, there’s a wave
  52. Beer, Lime, and Sunshine
  53. Eat, beach, sleep, repeat!
  54. Ocean air, salty hair, not a care
  55. Catch flights, not feelings
  56. Don’t get tide down
  57. A little sand between your toes always takes away the woes
  58. Somewhere there is an empty beach chair with my name on it
  59. You’re the only fish in the sea for me
  60. Everyone should believe in something, I believe I should go to the beach!
  61. Home is where the waves crash
  62. I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head
  63. Make a wish upon a starfish
  64. Do you wanna build a sandcastle?
  65. Time wasted at the beach is well spent
  66. You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore
  67. Salt in the air, sand in my hair
  68. Life was meant for good friends and great adventures
  69. The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever
  70. Spring break forever

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