July 15, 2019

What to Buy at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale #Nsale

what to buy during the nordstrom anniversary sale #nsale
nordstrom anniversary sale

It’s here!  The NSale. The ONLY sale where you can buy brand new clothing, for the next season at a discount.  How does Nordstrom do it?  I have no idea.

And I have to be honest.  The NSale can be hard for me living in So Cal. I’m a summer girl and the last thing I want to think about in July are boots, jeans and sweaters.

BUT ~ I do like saving money.  Okay I LOVE SAVING MONEY.  I pretty much will not buy anything without a promo or discount.  I will google things for hours just to save $2.50. Finding deals for me is part of what makes shopping so fun.

So this year, I decided to take the plunge and head in store and shop early since I reached Ambassador level.  This is what I found that I personally love and recommend.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram.

Just so you know I am 5’6″ weigh about 130 (give or take 2 pounds in either direction) and my body shape is a pear.  I never knew that until I had kids and I have a layer of fat I can never seem to lose on my stomach (boo).

So here’s what I am buying…

Jeans!  I don’t wear jeans a lot anymore because I run hot and it’s often not cold enough in LA for me to wear them comfortably.  However, I finally realized a few months ago (since we have had the coldest spring and summer ever) that the reason I have eschewed jeans is because the pairs I have are NOT COMFY!!

I used to love expensive, designer jeans.  But after kids, I started buying a lot of less expensive pairs because well, they often run a marker over them and well, it never comes out.

But now that my kids are 5 and 8, and my fave jeans are stretchy but don’t looked stretched out by Frame, I’ve decided it’s time to invest in jeans I LOVE.

These jeans are so comfy and stretchy!  That means you can bend down and pick up kids without feeling a giant squeeze around your midsection.  LOVE!

I love the raw hem on these jeans and they are very figure flattering

Another raw hem jean option that stop on your lower leg so they are great for booties!

A basic, comfy jean that made my backside look AMAZING!

I love black jeans with a slight sheen to give that a leather-look, without actually having to sweat-to-death in actual leather!

Not jeans, they are spanx leggings.  I was just introduced to these last fall and FELL IN LOVE!  Not just for how good you look, but they are comfortable and yet you feel dressy in leggings!

These jeans have one knee rip and look incredible on.  I got my first pair of Frame jeans 3 years ago and they are my fave!

A very affordable pair of ripped jeans

I don’t wear boots much in So Cal, but I love booties.  Animal print is huge for Fall, but I’ve never loved it.  The perfect way to wear it is on your booties!  Here are my faves:

I LOVE this pair in “Foxy Suede”

I got Harper .a few schools for back to school.  These light up!

And these are pink glitter commado boots.  I want a pair in my size!

And for Grayson his feet have grown THREE FULL SIZES since last fall!

I got him these shoes for when we go to events and Grayson needs to dress up a bit (we always default to preppy for his dress up looks)

I got these adorable Lavendar converse for myself

And for Harper I got this amazing rainbow furry jacket

And last but not least, these rainbow striped leggings are $9

This jacket is waterproof for rain and reversible to be cute and fuzzy.  It comes in teal blue, pink and white!

How adorable is this kitty dress?

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