February 27, 2020

What I Did After I Sold My First Business

I am sharing what I did after I sold my first business

Over the past few years I have been very open about selling my first business but I have never really shared what happened after that, how I processed it or what I did after I sold my first business.

Hi 🏻 My name is Rachel & I want to share a story with you.Back in 2015, I was feeling very burnt out from running my events company for moms, families + moms-to-be called Club MomMe.

I was approached with an offer to be acquired & I jumped at the chance.While I love being an entrepreneur & work-at-home-mom, scaling a business & managing a large team are not my strengths.So I decided to sell my company. Part of the sale involved my social accounts (I had over 52K here on IG at the time) & working for the parent company for a period.That time was incredibly hard for me.

After I sold my first business I felt like my baby had grown up & gone to college, & I was stuck treating it like it was still a toddler that needed nurturing.I was emotionally drained. I was frustrated, and I was ready for something new…. so I pivoted.

I spent a LONG time thinking about what I wanted to do next. Over the years, I had started creating more & more content for brands as part of my event sponsorships. The space was changing from “blogger” to more “content creation.”I also noticed at the time that most “mom accounts” were similar, using a very white filter, leaning up against a wall with tons of white space.

I was always drawn to colorful accounts that focused on parties, travel & unique fashion like twinning & matching outfits (it’s crazy but few were doing it at the time). So I thought why not merge a mom account with colorful & party backdrops?

Which was exactly what I did… I worked with brands to add matching outfits to their collections, I started a huge mom party trend with fun, creative, colorful backdrops.

The point of me sharing this was because YOU can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. I’m a firm believer that you can MANIFEST your dreams through hard work, positivity & taking baby steps each & every day.Don’t worry if it’s never been done before or if it’s been done 100x. Often the biggest company is NOT the first.

Try out new things. Why not?! The worst thing that can happen is that is doesn’t work & then you can pull a Rachel & pivot.So what’s stopping you?! I promise you, you won’t regret trying!

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I am sharing what I did after I sold my first business

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