February 26, 2020

How To Get Help For Your Kids With Individual Educational Plans (IEP)

Kids With Individual Educational Plans

Are you worried about your child’s development? Do you feel like your child is behind? Over the years I have been really open and honest about some of the struggles my kids have had in school also known as Individual Educational Plans (IEP).

Both of my kids have Individual Educational Plans, Harper has a speech IEP while Grayson has a speech and dyslexia IEP, as parents we always want to know whats going on and to do the best for our kids.

I just want you to know that I’ve been there, worried at night, googling answers, silently panicking and fearing the worst and that’s why I’m partnering with @first5la to share if you have ANY QUESTIONS or concerns, however slight, the BEST thing you can do is…ASK FOR HELP & BE SPECIFIC!⠀

When it comes to Individual Educational Plans asking questions is advocacy, the only way to get intervention is to ask questions and ask them early because as a parent you know your child best.

⠀ASK early & ask oftenASK your child’s doctorASK their teacherIf your child is UNDER 3 ~ look up your local regional center & ASK for an evaluation (most of this is done at your house)⠀⠀If your child is OVER 3 ~ look up your local elementary school & ASK for an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) in writing.

⠀All it takes is an ASK FROM YOU in order to get help I KNOW an ASK sounds easy, but in reality it can be for us parents hard to reach out⠀⠀I’ve been there.

I’ve cried. Okay I’ve cried a lot. I felt helpless. I felt alone that’s why I’m sharing this think about how LESS fearful & overwhelmed you will feel with an ANSWER! And even better…many times this help costs you nothing!

Over the next few months I will be sharing more about my experiences with my kids and asking for help but for now, please know you’re not alone. Head to @first5la to find out more!⠀⠀#AskingIsAdvocacy #Sponsored

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