November 3, 2020

Why You Need A Vejo, the Smart Portable Blender

Every morning, I start my day off with a smoothie. Well, I should preface that a bit. I break my “intermittent fast” with a smoothie which at times is actually not in the morning. But you get the idea! My day starts with a delicious smoothie. And now my smoothie-making is easier and more portable than ever now that I have a pod-based Vejo smart blender!

So now I know what you’re thinking…what is Vejo?

Vejo is an incredible a super portable pod-based smoothie system. To make a smoothie all you do is add cold water, a pod, twist and blend. It takes only seconds to get a delicious, healthy, organic smoothie, juice, coffee or macha.

The Vejo blender is a small wireless bottle that is ultra portable so you can make organic smoothies and juices virtually anywhere you go! You can stash your Vejo bottle in a purse or backpack because it’s lightweight and small.

It’s powered by a battery that is super long-lasting. I’ve been able to blend around 30 smoothies with each charge of my Vejo. And it only takes about three hours to charge the Vejo battery.

Vejo uses a pod-based system similar to a Keurig or Nespresso. Each Vejo pod is biodegradable and filled with either organic freeze dried fruit, plant-based protein, cold-pressed coffee or matcha. The fruit is freezed at the peak of freshness, locking in all of the nutrients for you to enjoy when you blend.

There’s absolutely no mess with Vejo, and almost anyone can use it. Both my kids, Harper and Grayson, are able to independently make their own smoothies anytime! How incredible is that?

Vejo is great for people who love to travel since it’s so portable. It’s also great for a gym bag after a workout or class, picnics, hikes, road trips, really anywhere!

Smoothies are great for weight loss after baby, kids to enjoy for breakfast, after school snacks or a healthy dessert. And their cold-pressed coffee is absolutely to die for! It’s super strong coffee and tastes delicious!

If you want to get your own Vejo, I have a great deal for you! Use code XO8PACK for a FREE 8 pack with the purchase of any starter kit!

*This blog is sponsored by Vejo and contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission if you purchase a Vejo using my link.

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