April 27, 2016

Baby Bjorn – #EatSleepPlay – Watercolor Collection

Remember when I first mentioned my #borrowababy idea? You, tired new mom get to sleep for a few hours, and I will take care of your baby, hug them, love them, and play with the latest and greatest baby gear.

Well I need it now…because Baby Bjorn launched the most gorgeous collection of baby products.  The Watercolor collection is very now, 2016 Pantone colors of the year-esque.

For years, modern baby-gear meant black and very basic.  No more!  Solid, stunning colors, in bouncers, baby carriers, high chairs, heck…even potties, are here from Baby Bjorn.

I got to check out the new collection while being pampered at DryBar. As you can see, the new collection fits in to any room and decor, but looks particularly good in a sleek, modern setting.  Because again, black is so 2010.  Moms today need color, because we are going to be posting endless photos to Instagram after all!

One thing I love about this new line-up is the material, a lightweight mesh-sort-of material that is breathable.  If you have ever had a baby in summer, or a heater-baby (my son!) you know babies get HOT.  I had my son in July in Chicago, and he was naturally a sweaty baby.  You couldn’t hold him outside for very long without shvitzing.  Seriously!!

This collection solves that problem, as it is lightweight and breathable.  I’m obsessed with the gorgeous not-too-pink and the blue/green.   So I ask again, does anyone have a baby I can borrow? 🙂

IMG_3257     IMG_3253

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