June 30, 2016

Fashionably On Time Thanks to My New Wood Watch

Photo Jun 28, 10 33 46 PM

I have a confession to make: I am one of those people who is chronically late.

Now this is not completely my fault, because there is definitely a genetic component to my lateness.  If you are friends with me, you know that my mom is also never on time.

Her friends often joke that they should tell her a lunch is at 5 when they want to get together at 5:15.

I absolutely HATE being late for things. I know that sounds funny coming from someone who is always running late, but I do.  I’m not late intentionally, or because I am not paying attention to time.

Rather, I underestimate how much time it takes me to do things, I overestimate how much I can get done in a period of time, and I have not yet shifted the reality of how long it takes two kids to get out of the house with my routine.

You see, I’m one of those people who can do things super fast, fly through things, and get stuff done.  So I take that mindset into other tasks, knowing I am often a swift-mover, but then not taking into account how slowly my almost 5-year old gets ready.  Even though I set out his clothes the night before, it takes about 30 minutes to undress and then dress.

One reason I am often late is my phone.  I pick it up just to check the weather or play music on Pandora, and pretty soon, I am liking your pictures on Instagram or checking just one email.  But my clock is on my phone. FullSizeRender

We used to have clocks everywhere in our lives, but now, I have one on my phone and a small one on my cable box.  I know some of you cord cutters don’t even have that one!  I very rarely use my phone as a clock, which is a problem.  I need to be able to know what time it is.

That’s why I am loving my new wood watch by Jord.

I’ve never been a watch person (no, not as an excuse to run late, but sometimes there IS more traffic on the 405 to the 10 to the 110 people!) because my wrist is so thin, and my wrist bone sticks out.  It meant that smaller, metal watches got stuck on the knobby bone, and they always felt uncomfortable for me.

What I never realized was a larger watch would avoid this problem, and sit over the bone, never getting stuck on one side of my wrist bone.  The material is so soft and comfortable, something I would never expect from wood.

Photo Jun 28, 10 29 10 PM    Photo Jun 28, 10 28 03 PM

But it feels so natural and nice sitting on my wrist, and I catch people staring at it all of the time.  It’s a fashion statement like no other.

I remember as a teenager, one of the personal shoppers at Nordstrom told me that they can tell status and wealth from men by their watches, and women by their bags.  The concept of wealth and status has hanged a lot since then, but when you see someone wearing a gorgeous watch on their wrist, you can’t help but think they look put-together, polished and sophisticated.  And maybe, just maybe, they run on time.

You kind of can’t help it when you wear a watch!

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