July 26, 2016

How to Wear Yellow

Yellow can be a tough color for anyone to pull off, since most skin tones contain the color.  Wearing the wrong shade can cause your skin to look jaundice, sickly, too pale or just simply contrasting, like oil and water.

That does not mean you should avoid yellow, because worn well, yellow is simply stunning!  And this fall, Spicy Mustard Yellow is an “it color” according to Pantone and Fashion Snoops.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.29.23 PM

For me, I have a lot of golden in my hair and skin and wearing yellow can sometimes cause me to look, well, yellow myself.  Spicy mustard works really well with my skin tone and hair.


I’m obsessed with this dress from Loft.  You can take it from daytime to evening with a chance of shoes and accessories, it looks put together but not trying too hard.

Picking a shade of yellow is a delicate task.  My daughter, a very light-haired blonde with blonde eyelashes can wear neon yellow and white, especially when she is tanned by the sun.  This shade would also look amazing on darker shades of skin, the darker the more you will stand out in this color.


With my coloring, I could not pull this off.

For me, light to spicy mustard yellow is the perfect shade, and looks amazing for fall.  I would caution that this shade is best for golden to darker shades, but I would avoid it as a light blonde (this shade would not be good on Harper with her light hair and lighter coloring).


If you are unsure about yellow, start with some accessories, like a hat, necklace or bracelet.  Or you can get a dress with pops of yellow like Tammin is wearing above, but without a full-on commitment to all yellow.

Once you get a few compliments, you will go yellow, and never turn back!



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