August 18, 2016

Couture Dress Making for Girls by Doloris Petunia at Au Fudge

As a child, dressing up is a very special part of play time.  I remember diving into my mom’s trunk of vintage clothes from the 60’s and 70’s and trying on all sorts of outfits, from a short blue suede dress to hippy tops, and being in heaven.


Surprisingly, I was not a pink and tulle little girl (my little sister was).  As we grew up, we switched, and she wears a uniform of black, boots and no dresses, I am all the dress girl.

My little Harper was born a fashionista, starting walking in my heels around 18 months (she just took a pair and walked, like she had been doing it her whole life!).  She loves clothes, loves fancy dresses, and loves all things dressing up.

This week we met Doloris Petunia, an incredible hand-made dressmaker for girls.  She meets with each client to get an idea of their likes and dislikes, and makes their dream dress.  (She also makes dresses for occasions like weddings, etc).  But for now let’s focus on the word on magic, make-believe and dress up.

Harper wraped in Elsa-blue fabric

Harper wraped in Elsa-blue fabric

Harper met with Doloris at Au Fudge, and immediately fell in love.  I mean, the pink tutu ballet dress?  She chose a pink, sophisticated take on her Elsa dress, complete with a detachable cape, and a back that can easily grow with her as she gets older.

Then she got a sketch from the designer!

A consultation with Doloris Petunia

A consultation with Doloris Petunia

Next up was a personalized hat, with Harper’s hat hand-sewn in with sparkles.  I know what you are thinking, how do you get one for yourself? Don’t worry, they make those two.  I already requested one for me since I am a hat girl, especially in summer.

Check out the fun below!


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