October 7, 2016

How to Wear Hunter Rain Boots + Win A Pair!

I got my first pair of Hunter rain boots in 2009 and I have been in love with them ever since.  My first pair was purchased partially out of my swooning over British fashion and partially out of necessity.  You see, I was a Chicago newbie after a lifetime of living in Southern California.

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My shoe wardrobe at the time consisted of high heels and flip-flops.  No boots, nothing remotely warm (except Uggs, but hey, they were HUGE in the San Diego surfing scene in 1998 when I started college in La Jolla!).

In typical fashion, I spent a lot of time researching how to stay warm and avoid that bone-chilling cold I was warned about.  Hunter boots served a few purposes: rain boots, snow boots, skid protection, fashion-forward, all purpose boots.

What I LOVE about them is how versatile they are, going from fall to winter to spring, keeping you fashionable and warm.  The key is inserts.  In normal weather, I prefer a pair of fun socks, like my very Happy Socks.  But when the temperature drops, you can wear socks PLUS inserts by Hunter that keep your toes feeling like they are by a warm fire.

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And no matter snow nor ice, you will never fall or even lose a step, because of their amazing rubber soles.

Inserts can easily change the look of your Hunters and update them, as they will last you a LONG time.  They are an amazing investment, though I prefer the shiny pairs to the more muted colors.  Just wipe them down after wearing them, and they look as good as new!

Now if only someone could make a little more rain fall in LA so I have more of an excuse to wear them.  Seriously, a drop falls from the sky and I run to break them out, a huge smile on my face.

But EVERY time, within an hour or two, I am dripping in sweat.  My feet run hot, and I now bring back up shoes.  You see, flip flops and Hunters can co-exist in your closet, and even in your car!


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This is the day I got engaged, just before it happened at the Chriskindlemarket in Daley Plaza

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Win a pair of Hunter boots!  What color will you select?

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