November 23, 2016

Mommy & Me Holiday Style

img_4043The holidays are here!

And there is nothing that gets me more excited than dressing up for the holidays.

It’s like every day I am walking in a winter wonderland, even though I live in Southern California and the only evidence of winter is the sun setting before 5 pm.  Oh and maybe, if we are lucky, the temperatures dipping below 70 degrees!

This year we decided to do a festive mommy and me photo shoot with friends.  A few weeks ago, my friend Pamelyn from Bashery & Co were chatting, as we  typically do, and coming up with big grandiose ideas, which we always execute.

Somehow we decided to create a gorgeous holiday set up with vintage furniture, styled by Pamelyn of course, invite over some friends, collaborate on gorgeous dresses from our favorite kid’s designers and do a photo shoot.  She used some items from Found Rentals to style this shoot.

My look is from Topshop for Nordstrom and Sam Edelman shiny flats.  I planned to wear Melissa Shoes gold sparkle flats but they didn’t arrive in time, so we saved them for a future shoot (but OMG!)

We thought of our favorite mommy & me pairs in Los Angeles, and invited img_4338

I reached out to my friend Esther, from Cuteheads.  I met her about a year ago on Instagram, I fell in love with a picture of her daughter.  I reached out to her to see if she would do an Instagram takeover on my old Club Momme account for Hanukkah while I was in Hawaii (I set up an entire holiday takeover so I could be off IG while on the islands).

I literally had no idea that she was a designer at this time.  I then kept seeing adorable dresses and when I clicked on them, they were cuteheads.  Then a friend told me about Esther’s collection, and how she had custom dresses made for her daughter’s birthday, but the wait time was almost two months because Cuteheads was so popular.

img_4208You guys you know I was on their site while we were still talking, looking out of the corner of my eye with the phone below the table shopping!

Esther made holiday dresses for each girl in white, green, red or a red / green plaid.  The dresses are stunning beyond belief, with a thick fabric, heavy attention to detail, and the most beautiful buttons that you have ever seen.  We love cuteheads!

Melissa Shoes sent us shoes, and VERY SADLY they arrived two days after the shoot.  But do not fear, we shot with some gold sparkle shoes today, and those will be coming soon!

Photos were all taken by the very talented Katee Grace, one of my favorite women to shoot with in the world.  She makes you feel beautiful, is very easy going, and somehow gets the kids to laugh, smile and look natural (NOT EASY with an almost three year old, let me tell you!).

Finally, Starling gave each of us a mommy and me jewelry set.  Their jewelry is delicate and stunning, simple and stunning all at the same time.  Harper and I got a moon and star necklace set and also a star bracelet set.

And remember, we had a lot of help in getting this shoot together, and life is hard enough as a mom (balance doesn’t exist!).  You just do the best you can, but have fun and get some props, ask your Instagram husband to take some pics, and have fun!

Which print is your favorite? Share with me below!






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