February 22, 2017

The Hair Dryer Busy Moms Need: Why You Need A Dyson Blow Dryer

Let’s just admit the sad truth about mom hair, it’s usually in a pony tail / bun / hidden under a hat.  We often only blow dry our hair once or twice a month when you are going on a date or out to a girl’s night with our friends.  I mean, there’s a reason high buns are called “mom buns,” right?

And this is exactly why so many women cut off their gorgeous hair after having kids.  Short hair is just easier.  And it can’t be pulled or spit up on (well of course it can, but it’s at least harder!).

There has to be a solution to allow us moms to still have our hair looking good, even if we haven’t showered in a few days or fall into the perfectionist mom category, so you don’t even bother trying which your hair if it can’t be perfect!

Enter the Dyson Blow Dryer.

We all know Dyson takes traditional, boring electronic devices and completely rethinks them.  My fan is also an air purifier and it even looks pretty.  My kids love it, especially the app on my phone.

So naturally I had to have the brand new Dyson hair dryer.  They first told me about it last spring, and I have been very patiently waiting for it since then.

It was worth the wait.

Taking it out of the box, you will notice that the blow dryer is missing the long nozzle featured on most blow dryers.  Instead, the handle attached to a large sphere-shaped dryer. Drying your hair is definitely different without the usual nozzle, but it only takes one blow dry to get used to this updated design.

The Dyson Blow Dryer comes with three magnetic attachments: a diffuser, a styling and smoothing.  Yes, you read that right, the attachments are magnetic.

So far this is my favorite design difference about this blow dryer.  I often would lose the smoothing tip as I set my blow dryer down or placed it between my legs to brush my hair or style.  It was so frustrating!  And it often would scare my son when he was a baby (and had some mild sensory processing disorders, most notably disliking loud noises).  If only I had this blow dryer then!

The Diffuser disperses air evenly around your curls, helping to reduce frizz and improve definition.

With the Dyson Styling Concentrator, you can shape your hair one section at a time – without worrying about disturbing the rest.

The Dyson Smoothing Nozzle dries hair gently using smooth, wide air.

Now I am getting to the good part: four reasons you will fall in love with this blow dryer.  First, is dries exceptionally fast.  My hair dried in about 7 minutes, styled and all.  When I let my hair dry a bit, I blew it dry in about three minutes.  EVERYONE has 5 minutes in a day to do their hair, right?  Come on, a top knot often takes me that long!

Second, the motor is quiet.  I will always remember when my son looked at me like the blow dryer was going to eat me, he was SO SCARED of it’s loud sounds (sensory issue, remember?).  You can actually have a conversation while blow drying with this dryer.

Third, you have tons of settings to personalize how you like to dry and style your hair.  Three dryer settings, fast, regular and gentle drying, and four heat settings, one of which is constant cold (to really set a style).

Fourth, you hair is protected.  That means less time spent doing deep conditioners or going to your stylist and better hair days.  Less split ends, and more natural shine.

The motor is in the bottom portion of the handle, so your hair will never get stuck in it.  It also has a filter that you can easily clean. The blow dryer will give you an indication when it needs to be cleaned out.  It also should extend the life-time of the blow dryer, since they often have issues when the motor is blocked due to dust, lint, etc.

The Dyson Blow Dryer comes with a two year extended warranty, so you have piece of mind knowing your $399 blow dryer is protected.

Check it out at Best Buy today! 

I received a complimentary Dyson Blow Dryer in exchange for sharing my honest opinion of the product.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Loving my hair here twinning with Harper!

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