August 10, 2017

How to Host A Mommy & Me Hatchimals Glittering Garden Party

Imagine hosting a glittering garden party for you and your little one(s).  And the best part…a fun unexpected guest!

Harper’s imagination is in full effect right now, and one of her favorite games to play involves a mommy and me tea party.  So I decided to take her party up a notch, with an outdoor tea party full of pink and gold glitter details.

Harper’s 1st Birthday theme was Twinkle Twinkle Little One, and she has always gravitated towards pink and gold glitter and sequins.

Hatchanimals just released their new Hatchimals Glittering Garden featuring Sparkly Pengualas and Shimmering Draggles and I wanted a fun, unique way to surprise Harper with a new “baby” Hatchimal.  Harper is in full-on mini mama mode right now.  She brings her babies everywhere with her and I knew she would like an interactive baby Hatchanimal that sings, dances, walks, talks for fun and nurturing interactive play.

I decided to throw her a gorgeous, glittering mommy and me garden tea party to meet her Hatchimal.  Keep reading on for easy step-by-step instructions to host your own party, complete with some fun DIY projects you can do with your mini.

My friend Spool Boutique let me host the party in her gorgeous garden.  Find one with lots of shade to keep your food and little one cool and out of direct sunlight.


For our setup we used:

Our menu for our tea party included fresh strawberries (cored), watermelon slices (optional to slide a lollipop stick into the watermelon for “watermelon pops”), mini turkey tea sandwiches, cut into fun shapes using a sandwich cutter and sparkly marshmallow pops.

For drinks I brought plain water for Harper and sparkling water for me.

After we finished eating I let Harper open the box, wrapped up in a glittering bow.

I let Harper make a few guesses as to what was in the box. Of course she said “princesses” and then a dress.  Speaking of her dress, I picked hers up from Pippa & Julie who makes the most gorgeous baby through big girl’s dresses.  AND Harper’s blush pink dress with feather details on top is on sale for 40% off.

Since Harper loves to twin, I wore a similar dress to hers!

Then it was time to open the box.

She was SO surprised to see a HUGE Hatchimal Glittering Garden egg!  Harper loved it, and played with it very gently, telling me it might break if we are not careful with it.

Then I told her the secret about what is inside, a live Hatchimal!  She was ecstatic!

To open the egg you have to gently caress it and take care of it, like a mama Hatchimal.  As the egg hatches it starts lighting up, an amazing treat for you and your little one!

And then the best part…. it starts to HATCH!  Who will you get? A Shimmering Draggle or a Sparkling Peggula?

Harper hatched a Shimmering Draggle!  And the cutest thing happened, when it hatches, it sand Hatchy Birthday!


And now for the real magic, Harper learned how to take care of her baby Hatchimal.  They go through three stages, from baby to toddler to big kid.  I love that there are so many stages to the Hatchimals, really extending the life of play! They interact with your child and dance, walk, talk, sing, play and need to be cared for based on their mood / feelings which you can tell from their eyes. I know that Harper won’t get bored by her Hatchimal any time soon!

Be sure to read the handy guide to learn how to care for your Hatchanimal, as it changes by their age and stage.

Harper immediately fell in love with her new baby, and named her Carrie.  It’s so fun to watch her play and interact with her Hatchimal.  I love to see her sweet, caring gestures, her kisses and cradling her baby, and of course taking it with her to every nap and bedtime.

But her favorite part is watching Carrie move, walk and especially sing and dance.  When Harper hears music, she has to dance, and I love the sporadic moments of music and dance that pop up throughout the day.  She laughs, dances and calls for me to come and dance with her too.

And there’s nothing better than an impromptu dance party, right?

Check out the new Glittering Garden Hatchimals, and adopt one from Target for a special treat you and your little one(s) will love and adore!

* This post is sponsored by Spin Master and we were provided with a Hatchanimal to share our honest experiences and review with you.


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