November 1, 2017

Get Ready for the Holidays with New LG Appliances at Best Buy

The holidays are officially here!  After Halloween, we have only 54 sleeps until Christmas.

For my family, this is the most exciting time of the year.  Tons of quality family time, cooking, good food and drinks.  And that also means it’s time to think about upgrading to new appliances to make this time even better.

It’s really amazing how much a new appliance can save you time, money, energy and can really add convenience to your life, especially during this busy holiday period.  I just recently got a new fridge from Best Buy, and every member of my family keeps remarking on the refrigerator’s new features throughout the day because it really makes our lives better!

And my favorite place to buy appliances is from Best Buy.  Whatever your budget or needs, you can count on the experts at Best Buy to guide you to the right appliance at the absolute best price.  LG makes high-end appliances at reasonable prices that look sleek and sophisticated in your kitchen.

And right now you can save on LG Appliances at Best Buy!

The LG InstaView Door in Door Fridge

What would a new fridge mean for your family?  Think about being able to grocery shop without having to re-arrange the fridge, yet again, to make everything fit.  Or easy access for drinks for guests without having to dig through the full fridge.

My current favorite firdge is the LG InstaView door in door refrigerator.  The LG InstaView door in door french door allows you to open the fridge and only access the items in the door instead of the entire fridge, saving you money on cooling and keeping the rest of your fridge contents neatly hidden out of site.

Think about being able to have your food better organized, more accessible for your kids to reach themselves.  Also think about less trips to the grocery store as your fruit and vegetables can last longer.

The LA Double Oven Gas Range with ProBake

And what about the cooks and bakers, ever dream of a new oven?  I love cooking with natural gas, and the LG Double Oven Gas Range with ProBake means you can cook two things at different temperatures, say a turkey and a pumpkin pie.

It also utilizes ProBake Convection speeds for faster cooking times and even more flavorful food.  A convection oven also circulates air more evenly throughout the oven for more even baking, so your gingerbread men will be evenly crisp with no turning or the baking tray required.

Share with me what LG appliance you are most coveting at Best Buy this holiday season, and don’t forget the special deals on LG Appliances right now!

*This blog is sponsored by Best Buy.  All reviews, ideas and experiences mentioned in this blog are purely my own.


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