January 3, 2018

Like To Dine Out? Get Cash Back While Eating Out with Groupon+

Do you like to eat out? If you answered yes, you NEED to sign up for Groupon+ to get cash back just by eating out!

There’s no deals to buy.  Nothing to print. If you are eating out with friends or family, there is no awkward moment pulling out a deal and explaining it to your server.  It’s super easy, and no one will even know that you are getting cash back.

That is unless you want to share with them.  And you will because it’s pretty amazing!

How does Groupon+ work?


Just go to Groupon+ and sign up for cash back deals with your Visa or Mastercard.

There’s nothing to print or show to your waiter.

Just dine out, and you will get cash back on your credit card statement.

I promise it’s that easy!

Participating restaurants can be found on the Groupon+ website, everything from high-end restaurants to fast casual and take-out pizza.

You have 60 days to save while eating out at most restaurants, although some deals may be extended.

Be sure to check Groupon+ often for new restaurants and before eating out because your favorite place may be participating right now!

Let me know what you think of Groupon+ the all new way to Groupon in the comments below!

* This post is sponsored by Groupon+.  All views and opinions expressed herein are my own and as always, I only partner with brands and companies that I love!

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