May 9, 2019

The Perfect Snack For Entertaining: Whisps Cheese Crisps!

Is anyone else as tired of guilty snacking as I am? I try my best to stay healthy and find choices I can be proud of! I’m usually really good about avoiding typical junk food, especially when feeding my kids. I like real food, with ingredients I trust.

My kids LOVE cheese, Harper can’t get enough of it, so when I found a new snack I knew it would be a great fit for our family. I’m talking about Whisps, which are delicious cheese crisps.

Whisps are made with 100% real cheese and NOTHING else! They’re fun, different, and taste so yummy. My kids love how crunchy, light, and airy they are. They’re baked instead of fried, and they’re gluten free so I get to enjoy them!

They’re perfect for entertaining instead of traditional unhealthy party snacks. Every year my mom and I do a brunch for Mother’s Day with the rest of the family, and this year I decided to celebrate with Whisps. You can toss them in a salad, add them to an appetizer, or just eat them as is. Some of the mouth-watering flavors include Pepper Jack, Asiago & Pepper, and classic Cheddar!

Love my brunch set up? Here’s where everything is from, mainly based in Los Angeles! The beautiful flowers are from Valley Brink Road, she does an amazing job every time. Most of the decorations are from Meri Meri, a brand I will always love for all of my events. The location we used was Dot’s Cafe, which is an ultra cute cafe and bakery. My incredible photographer is Kate Hauschka, she’s been working with me for a while now. Almost all of my photos are by her. And last but not least, it couldn’t have all come together without Royale- she’s the best party planner ever!! All of her set-ups are drop dead gorgeous. Her company is called But First, Party.

I knew Whisps would be the perfect highlight for this brunch. Some other ideas would be for a girl’s night in, Super Bowl, pool party, or summertime barbecue. I think they’re the perfect addition to any snack-opportunity, which is pretty much all the time for me! What’s great is that I don’t feel guilty eating them because they’re low carb and high protein, made with only cheese. How awesome is that?

Let me know if you guys try Whisps Cheese Crisps, and how you incorporate them into all of your parties and events! P.S. The Tomato Basil flavor is to die for!

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