September 18, 2019

10 Things I’ve Learned This Week As A Mom

I have 10 golden tips I have learned as a mom

I have 10 golden tips I have learned as a mom that I am really happy to share!

10 Things I've Learned This Week As A mom

Are you new to Motherhood you will need these tips as you go through your daily activities with your kids…

1. If they are sick, you WILL get sick. Wash your hands like crazy, drown yourself in Thieves oil, and take out the Oscilloccinum now (or else!)

2. The washer DOES eat socks. If you have a front load washer, open the lip of the washer around the entrance and sure enough, you will find socks.

10 Things I've Learned This Week As A Mom3. Every time I go to Costco, I forget one crucial thing.  This time it was toothpaste. Thanks goodness for Google Express!

4. ALWAYS buy in bulk so you don’t need to worry about toothpaste for at least 3 months.  Because who needs to run out of toothpaste?

5. The minute you sit down to eat, they will ask for something.  Every. Single. Time. I can ask about drinks, forks, napkins, etc 100x before I sit down.  But they see me sitting to relax (and eat) for 5 minutes and sure enough, mom I need water!

6. My daughter will only take extra long naps the times we need to be somewhere early in the afternoon. It’s like her nap schedule is in sync (out of sync?) with my Google Calendar?!

7. No matter how early you wake up in the morning, it’s always a rush.  Maybe that’s because I am NOT a morning person?

8. I say cheese whenever I want my kids to smile for the camera.  I had no idea until I said out loud, “why do they always say cheese in pics?” Because I want a smile, but not actual moving lips, right?

9. When you have nice, clean sheets on the bed, somehow they find a way to spill on them.  It’s like their fresh scent is a magnet for food / liquid!

10. They always want the same toy.  Always. You can buy two of the same toy, but only one of them will hold magic powers, so don’t waste your money.  Sharing!

10 Things I've Learned This Week As A Mom

Feel free to share some of your motherhood lessons with me in the comment section below! I would love to hear from you too.

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