December 2, 2020

The Best Battery-Operated Ride On Toys and Cars for Girls and Boys

When I was a kid, I remember how my little brother and sister used to play for hours in their ride on toy cars. By the time these toys became popular, I was sadly too old to ride them. So instead I always imagined my future kids riding in them one day.

There’s nothing that quite captivates a child’s attention like seeing a ride on toy! Kids spend so much time being driven around by parents and caregivers. The idea of a kid being able to drive their own car is so liberating and refreshing for them!

The Best Ride On Toys

Over the years, we’ve tried several different ride on toy cars for Grayson. We’ve owned 3 different types of cars, and tried countless others with friends.

The best ride on toys that we’ve ever tried are made by Kid Trax Toys.

Battery Life

The most important thing to look for apart from safety is in my opinion is battery life. It’s so frustrating when your child is really enjoying their car and it needs to go inside yet again to be recharged.

That’s why I love Kid Trax Toys battery-powered ride on toys. Their battery is like that bunny that just keeps on going! Harper and Grayson can play with their Kid Trax cars for hours instead of minutes like other cars.

Well Made and Durable

Kid Trax ride on toys are well made and durable. My kids can be so incredibly rough on their toys. Thankfully, Kid Trax ride on toys can withstand bumps and they still look great.

After all, these are unlicensed kid drivers we are talking about!

Rideamals Josie the Unicorn

If you have a unicorn obsessed child, I cannot recommend Josie the Unicorn enough! It’s a fun, interactive toy.

Kids can brush Josie, feed her, walk her and of course, ride her too!

You can also get her Magical Forest Land Tent to complete a fun and imaginative Unicorn universe. The tent can easily be set up anywhere, and folds up in just a few quick minutes.

Both Harper and Grayson adore playing with Josie and her Magical Forest Land Tent.

Dodge SRT Viper Convertible

If you’re looking for a battery-powered ride on toy car, look no further than the Dodge SRT Viper Convertible.

Available in three colors, pink, blue and red, this car is a fun convertible for kids to drive. Grayson selected the blue car, while Harper wanted the red one.

It has a real radio that actually works. Sometimes the kids sit in the seats of the convetible, playing on their iPads and listening to the music.

The convertible is really fun as well since you can drive around a passenger. Sometimes my kid’s take each other, and other times they take one of our puppies or a toy!

Kid Trax ride-on cars and toys make incredible holiday presents, and are sure to be their favorite gift.

And as a parent, they’re the gift that keeps on giving since my kids love to play with them for hours!

Which battery-powered ride on toy is your favorite?

Thank you to Kid Trax Toys for sponsoring this blog post for me.

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