December 17, 2020

OMG Santa’s Journal Was Just Posted On Got Milk! And Guess What? He Loves Karaoke!

2020 has been the year that anything can happen, amirite?  And the craziest thing just happened with Santa of all people!  His personal journal was posted on Got Milk!

Okay I know it sounds absolutely crazy.  Here’s what happened.

A few weeks ago, Santa asked one of his elves for his journal, Post-Its and bedtime snack.  But you know Elves….sometimes they don’t hear the best.  So Santa repeated his request for his journal, Post-Its and hot milk.

But the Elf heard something TOTALLY DIFFERENT!  He thought Santa said, “my journal posted on Got Milk?”  

So that’s exactly what he did!  He posted Santa’s entire journal on Got Milk?

Guess What Santa Loves? 

I went to and found out the most fascinating things about Santa!  I had no idea how much he love to doodle in bright, whimsical colors in his journal.  

I mean, I should have known.  But this is Santa!  How does he find the time to journal?

Did you know that Santa loves karaoke?  He even has his own karaoke playlist!

Santa’s Karaoke Playlist

Santa has lots of the usual Christmas songs on his list.  Songs like “Jingle Bells, “O Christmas Tree” and of course “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”

I knew Santa loved milk, but he even has a milk loving song on there too!  It’s called “Milky Holiday” by Chief Wakil.  How funny is that?

But then we found another song on there called “The Santa Shuffle.”  Harper was so excited to see her favorite Christmas song and dance on Santa’s list that she decided we needed to do “The Santa Shuffle” in matching pajamas to celebrate Santa’s favorite songs.

The Santa Shuffle

Last year, Harper’s Kindergarten class performed “The Santa Shuffle” for their holiday performance.  

She was so obsessed with this song, that she sang and danced it for months.  It became a “thing” in our house where we ALL started doing The Santa Shuffle too!

It’s the easiest dance and a super fun song!  You ready for it? Grab some milk, your Christmas matching pajamas and let’s do it!

We had such a fun time singing and dancing to The Santa Shuffle.  Hopefully Santa heard us so we all get on his “nice list!”

Now It’s Your Turn!

And now it’s your turn to check out Santa’s Journal on Got Milk?  Check out all of his favorite ways to celebrate this festive season.  There’s so much to do with your kids, partner, friends anf family.  

So grab some milk and let’s celebrate the season, Santa style!

Thank you to Got Milk? for sponsoring this fun holiday post.

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