February 24, 2021

Everything is Better in Pink! Lady Gaga Themed OREO Cookies at Target

This post is sponsored by OREO, all opinions are my own.

With everyone at home pretty much all day, everyday, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make each day more fun. So when I saw the New Limited Edition Lady Gaga Themed OREO Cookies at Target, well you know I had to throw a little “tea” party! However we are having milk and OREO Cookies over here! 🙂

I was browsing through the aisles at Target one day with Harper in the cart, when she said, “OMG mommy!”  I looked up and asked her what she was referring to. Usually these loud gasps are saved for the toy aisle!

But instead we were standing on the cookie aisle. I looked where she was pointing and saw them…Limited Edition Lady Gaga Themed OREO Cookies! They were glistening in their gorgeous bright pink packaging, beckoning to join our cart. 

I looked back at Harper and smiling, asked her if she really wanted them.  “Please please please mama!” was her response while making a puppy-dog begging face. Her hands were even by her face like little paws!

How could I say no to that adorable face? We are HUGE fans of the Limited Edition OREO Cookies that we see in stores each year, but this one takes the cake for being our favorite ever. 

When I got home I was so inspired by the beautiful cookies, I just knew we needed to have a colorful little “tea” party! She was excited and I loved spending some quality time with her.. oh and let’s not forget that we both loved the OREO Cookies, yum!

You can also join in on the fun of these Lady Gaga Themed OREO Cookies by picking up your own at Target! Also, you can create your very own OREO-Gram to Spread Kindness! This exclusive Target OREO-gram experience will allow you to record a special message on your phone, upload to their website and it will turn it into an OREO-gram that you can send out to friends and family.

Speak your heart. Spread Kindness. And turn your voice into musical messages of Kindness. Visit here to learn more. We sent ours to our besties and family! 

And the fun doesn’t stop there…. Get a free $5 Target GiftCard™ when you start this cool exclusive Target OREO-gram experience and spend $15 or more on OREO Cookies

Now that’s what I call a win-win! So hurry up to get the Limited Edition Lady Gaga Themed OREO Cookies and Sing It With OREO at Target!

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