November 2, 2015

Behind the Scenes of The Peanuts Movie

As a mom, there is nothing sweeter than sharing love for the characters that brought you joy as a child.  As we walked around Knott’s Berry Farm on Halloween, we couldn’t help but feel some serious nostalgia for the characters that we adored as kids… from Star Wars to My Little Pony to Strawberry Shortcake.

Back this Fall to delight our little ones this fall is the Peanuts crew with The Peanuts Movie!  The adorable characters that just turned 65 (whoa, we know!) are ready for their big-screen debut!


The universal appeal of the Peanuts characters still resonates today.  Despite dramatic changes in the world between 1950, the year Peanuts made it’s debut, the essence of people remains the same.  And it’s that element that we get so excited about introducing our children to: well-crafted characters that persevere no matter what life brings them.

At it’s core, The Peanuts Movie is about the everyday anxieties that we all encounter while growing up, at school and dealing with the perceptions people have about others.

Charlie Brown – the eternal underdog who never gives up; Linus – with a heart of gold and his endearing blanket (my son carries one everywhere as well, so he is naturally my favorite); Franklin – the philospher; Marcie – so introspective, always examining her own mental and emotional processes; Lucysomewhat crabby; Sally – with unrequited love for her Sweet Babboo Linus and of course Snoopy – and his many personas!

Bringing these characters to life is a talented cast of precious kids.  The filmmakers met with over 1,000 kids and their very talented cast of youngsters brings life to the characters.

Make a date with your little ones to see the movie starting this Friday November 6th.  You will leave smiling are sharing memories from both your childhood and creating a new tradition with your little ones too!


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