November 18, 2015

Stars Wars x Tomorrowland Takeover at Disneyland

What happens when Star Wars takes over Tomorrowland at Disneyland?  An incredible journey into the sites, sounds, tastes and characters of the incredible Star Wars stories!  The Season of the Force is a limited time takeover (a little preview of the coming soon #StarWarsLand perhaps?).

While we can only dream about this magical land will have, what I can tell you is my FAVORITE adult ride at Disneyland, Space Mountain, is now Hyperspace Mountain (and I got to ride it 3x without stopping.  And yes, two friends ran into me afterwards and asked me what was wrong and if I was going yack. So don’t do that!)

Hyperspace Mountain

Path of the JediJourney through the galaxy seeking out traditional enemies in the Galactic Empire and new ones in Kylo Ren and his army Stormtroopers.  From the music to the images, you feel as if you are on a mission with Han Solo taking out bad guys with each twist and turn.

Next up is Star Tours where you can take your StarSpeeder to a brand new destination with a few new characters showing up from The Force Awakens.

Your littlest Jedi Warrior can get involved in the action with an updated Jedi Training experience coming in December.

Meeting Darth Meeting Chewbacca

The hub of the new Tomorrowland is Star Wars Launch Bay where you can celebrate all things Star Wars.  From life-size replicas of Stormtrooper and Darth Vader costumes, to limited-edition merchandise, you will never be closer to stepping inside the iconic movies.  Star Wars Launch Bay is a multi-sensory experience complete with video games, a makeshift rebel base and opportunities to meet Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Stormtroopers and more!

Disneyland after Closing Star Wars Toys

To complete the takeover, there is new food at all restaurants in Tomorrowland where menus give you an opportunity to join both the Dark and Light Side, complete with glowing drinks and unique items like dark-hued hamburgers that are spicy, just like the dark side craves.

Disneyland is a constantly evolving place, and this latest iteration is not to be missed!  As Walt Disney said, Disneyland will never “be done.”  It is alive and always growing!


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