August 22, 2016

How We Wear: Toddler Wearing

This week I am teaming up with a fab crew of fashion mama influencers to share How We “Wear” our kids.

Lauren from Lauren McBride Blog is focusing on baby-wearing.

I am focusing on toddler front-wearing

Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons is talking about toddler back-wearing.

Molly from Still Being Molly is focusing on tandem-wearing (*she gets extra stars for that!*)

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When I had my son, a little over five years ago, babywearing was not a “thing” like it is now.  Babywearing was mostly confined to the very crunchy community who practiced attachment parenting and wore their babies not just for convenience, but to facilitate an emotional connection to their child.

By the time I had Harper, two and a half years ago, baby carriers were everywhere.  I had one in each car, a collection of them on hooks at the bottom of the stairs in my garage, to pick the one that best fit my mood (or outfit).  I had a carrier just for my husband to wear (since he tends to get very hot) and a variety of brands, colors and fabrics.

Then came toddler-wearing.  I first noticed it in more hardcore babywearing groups in Southern California (the home of many baby carrier companies).  What the heck was toddler wearing?  Can’t you just use your baby carrier until your child is done being worn?  They typically can support up to a 45 pound child, so that is all I would ever need, right?

Of course not.  Toddler carriers have a wider seat (designed for a bigger kid) and a wider waistband, to distribute more weight.

I needed another carrier.


Now I know what you are thinking…can’t toddlers walk? Why do they need to be carried?  Well, if you have ever had a toddler, you probably have shoulders that are sore, a hip that is used frequently as a seat, and one side of your body that’s a little stronger than the other one.  Toddlers still need to be carried.

Some days and some situations call for more wearing than others.  We have four levels in our house, counting the garage as the first floor.  We are up and down stairs all day.  I don’t mind at all, but…with two young kids, wearing my toddler really helps and it frees up a hand.

Going to the airport and traveling are both made easier by toddler wearing, with the bulk of a stroller.  You can move in and out of crowds, and best yet, you know your child is always safe.

Plus, you do get to cuddle with them and have them close their eyes if they are tired.  My Lillebaby toddler carrier comes with a hood to protect their head from the sun and help them sleep during naps.

More benefits are not worrying about them wandering off, or constantly checking on what they are doing, you can talk to them on the same level and explain what you are seeing or doing, you get that close comforting “hug” from wearing, and your back and arms get a break.


I still bring my carrier to Disneyland and on trips, even though we mostly stroll intermixed with some walking, because you never know when the moment will call for a carry.  Maybe a long line at It’s A Small World?  Maybe she is craving some close attention from mama due to over-stimulation from the sights and sounds she is experiencing.  Or maybe she just wants to be carried and my arm needs a break!

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