August 22, 2016

Coming Soon: The Stinky & Dirty Show

Finally, a laugh-out-loud educational show for kids who loves trucks and construction equipment!

If you’re a boy mom like STK_EP102_SH013.00_CMP_V001_R003_0135me, or have a kid who craves a show without the pervasive princess, a talking mouse, a village or trains or talking pig, there are not a lot shows available.  While we love those shows in my house, my son has always loved watching the trash and recycling trucks come every Monday.  Why they are so fascinating to kids, I am not sure.  But both of my kids love them!

The The Stinky & Dirty Show is an original series by Amazon Kids, and premieres on Prime Video Friday, September 2nd.

Besides the funny name, this is a show you will LOVE as a parent because of the values expounded in the show, the sweet characters, and their real-life educational experiences.

The Stinky & Dirty Show follows the adventures and mishaps faced by best friends and unlikely heroes, Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty, the backhoe loader.  Each episode features a new challenge that Stinky and Dirty need to overcome.  They use problem-solving skills and talk out possibilities together.

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The #1 thing I teach everyone who works or interns for me is problem-solving skills.  I seriously spent three years in law school to learn that this is the most important aspect in life, from personal life to business.  And it is something I find SO lacking in millennials today.

When encountering an obstacle, many millennials just come right to you and ask for help, instead of thinking through the various ways they can solve it on their own.  Of course, in life, we sometimes get “stuck.”  But it is extremely important to empower kids to tackle their problems themselves, thinking through various ways to solve the obstacle BEFORE coming to you and asking for help. STK_EP108_SH080.00_CMP_V002_R003_0086

This is the quality that sets young workers apart from their skills, and the thing I value more than almost any other trait.  So naturally I love The Stinky & Dirty Show and find it to be “educational tv” or something I don’t mind my kids watching when I am cooking dinner and during unwind time at night.

The series’ features curriculum developed by Dr. Alice Wilder and Jessica Lahey, author of the New York Times best-seller The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, designed to foster life-long learning.

The show is only available on Amazon Prime, which means you need to be a Prime member to watch it.  Or, if you are a long-time Prime member like me, you just got a new show for free!  If you don’t have Prime, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial any time.

Watch the trailer here and tell me what you think!


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