December 6, 2016

Twining Is Wining: How To Twin with Your Mini

Beyonce and Blue Ivy do it.  It’s all the rage on Instagram.  Twining with your little girl is a fun, unique way to bond and elicit countless “Awe, so cuteeee” responses from kind strangers.  You just can’t help but smile when you are twining, and for Harper and me, it has become a tradition.


Harper is almost three, and that means she is obsessed with all things mommy.  If I hold my arm a certain way, she mimics my pose, if I am cooking, she wants to help, and if I am wearing a necklace, she wants to wear the same one.

Twining is Harper’s favorite thing to do right now, and to be honest, I find it so fun and endearing.  It’s almost a challenge to find matching outfits and accessories with my mini.

So how do you twin?

Start with something small, like a matching necklace from Starling or Two by Two by Samantha Faye.  Or pick an accessory like a scarf, beanie or fun socks.  One of my favorite mommy and me looks are matching shoes by Melissa / mini Melissa, that are ulta comfy, very fun and even smell good!  Harper and I have the gold Campana shoes in mini here and mommy here.

For the ultimate twining look (and online shopping challenge) find matching dresses, tops, vests, leggings or skirts.  But nothing tops sparkly, shiny sequin twining!  My college roommate had a silver sequin dress that I LOVED borrowing for fun themed parties, and I fell in love with sequins.  And my grandma had an entire closet filled with them (ugh if I only had a few of her dresses!)

Harper and I are modeling our favorite shiny sequin holiday dresses


Mommy gold sequin dresses:

Mini sequin dress:

And my Melissa shoes (platform tan wedges with a red bottom!) are here.

Photos were taken by Maile Mason Photography (she’s awesome!)







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