February 8, 2017

I Never Knew I Was Such A Perfectionist Until… 10 Ways to Know If You’re Secretly Anal-Retentive

Or to those of you who know you, not so secretly anal-retentive!

  1. Everything has it’s place. Keys, wallet, purse, shoes, they all go in their place
  2. You cannot move about your day when things are not in their place
  3. You sit down at a table at Starbucks, and immediately get up to push in the chair at the other side of the table. Why?
  4. Dishes do not dwell in the sink.
  5. You’re exhausted and it’s midnight.  But still, you get out of bed to put your bag in it’s place so you don’t throw off your morning routine.
  6. Your kids are playing and you start cleaning up / organizing.
  7. On play dates at friend’s houses, you start tidying up.
  8. You organize your kids toys.  Because they play MUCH better when they can see what they have, and they know where each toy goes.
  9. Reading a grammar mistake or typo makes you stop, ponder, and really want to fix it.
  10. You press the “edit” button on facebook posts to change any accidental grammar mistakes /typos.

You know who you are…embrace it!! (I mean you have to be a little OCD as a mom to be able to wear Twinning White Dresses, right?)

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