February 14, 2017

Best Tips To Clean Your Children’s Clothes

How do you clean your children’s clothes? Do you have a specific laundry routine or are you currently just winging it?


I once put a gorgeous teal blue polo shirt on my one-year old son, and he promptly ate a banana.  The banana went into the grooves of the polo and NEVER CAME OUT.  After a wash, the banana stain turned brown and after four attempts at getting the stain out, the top went right into the trash.

I knew that if I was to continue to clean my children’s clothes, I needed a laundry routine…

Never again I thought!  So I did what every mom does, I posted a facebook message asking how to clean kid’s clothing to get out stains.  What I learned are these three tricks:

1. Promptly treat clothing stains: 

If you are home, take the stained garment off.  If not, do it as soon as you get home.  First remove any food residue left on the shirt.  Then try to rinse out the stain with cold water (heat locks in stains).  Don’t rub too hard.  I use a kid’s toothbrush with some laundry detergent to spot-treat the item.  If the stain is smaller or you don’t have time to rinse it out, just spot treat with a little bit of detergent.

2. Buy laundry detergent  that is stain-fighting, whitening, brightening but also protects the fabric. 

I love Persil Pro Clean, with 10 Dimensions of Clean.  Some detergents are so focused on scents and fancy pods, but they don’t actually clean well.  Try Persil, you will love it!  Here is a $2 off coupon or get a rebate $5 off your $20 order!  I picked mine up at Walmart where they are super low prices and a huge selection of products like Persil.

3. After you wash the garment, make sure you check to see that the stain came out. 

If not, repeat the steps above.  DO NOT DRY THE ITEM WITH A STAIN IN IT.  Hang dry the item until you get the stain out.  Drying the item will set the stain in, and it likely will not ever come out.

secret tips to clean your children's clothes

4. This is a REMINDER to be careful with laundry pods and children. 

They look like candy to kids, and are very appealing to little ones.  If you do get them, keep them up high and /or locked away.  I prefer just to buy the liquid, it works well and you can then use it for stain-treatment purposes.

And remember again to use the $2 coupon code or $5 rebate for Persil and try it to clean your kid’s clothing!  You can find Persil at Walmart stores or on Walmart.com where I picked up my detergent (all while my son slept the entire shopping trip, mom win!).

What great tips have you found to clean your children’s clothes? Share with me in the comments!

I received compensation in exchange for sharing my love of Persil.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

secret tips to clean your children's clothes

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