February 16, 2017

Why Doctors Are Returning to the House Call

Got kids?  Then you are going to end up with germs.  And germs cause sickness.

Moms don’t have time to be sick!  Even worse, moms don’t have time to pack up their sick kids, drive in traffic to the doctor, fight for parking, pay $15 to park their car, sick in a waiting room with other sick kids and then potentially have to go to the pharmacy.

Remember hearing about house calls?  Well they are BACK!  Meet Heal.

Heal is the incredible new on-demand doctor service available on their app, online or by calling to book an appointment (I know, who calls to do anything these days?  But it’s there!).

Heal is available for emergencies that would usually require an Urgent Care or E.R. visit like the flu, stomach bugs, ear aches, and the like and also sick visits with appointments within TWO HOURS.

You can barely even order food to come that quickly (have you ever tried to Postmates Bay Cities?  It’s over an hour every time!).

Their doctors are top-notch and include Pediatricians and Family Doctors.  So they can see you and your children!  The doctor we met with is actually the husband of a mom who used to live in our community,  Their son and my son were born a few months apart, and her husband is a very well respected ped.

But dealing with managing an office is just as painful as actually getting to the doctor.  So Heal eliminated these pain points and made an amazing service that is super easy to use.

And BEST – the actually take insurance.  Many many doctors in LA no longer do, so this is a huge bonus for me.  Check their app to make sure that yours is accepted.

For a flu shot (which you should get for your kids every year.  I know some people don’t like vaccines but BOTH kids got Influenza Type A last year and both were so sick with fevers of almost 106, throwing up, Harper had the shakes and we had to hold her all night.  It was awful!  And kids CAN die from getting the flu – and flu season is really just starting.  So get the flu shot!).

Neither kid cried when they got their shots too, which has never happened before.  And again, say what you will about vaccines, but we stay on the traditional schedule so they have both had a lot of shots.  And flu shots do sting.

Our tech just had the softest touch and the doctor had Grayson take a big breathe in and voila, it was done!

Download the app so you have it when you need it and try it today, or when you need to get a physical, or the next time someone gets sick.  They now serve all of California and you never have to drive to Santa Monica in 3 pm rush hour traffic again!

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